Wow!  Okay, I’m going to try this praying thing more often. God really came through for me this time.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom started going out with this guy she met at the rental agency that was handling the lease on our house. She’s had boyfriends before, but nothing serious. Nothing like this.

This went from zero to a hundred in under six seconds. I haven’t seen Mom this happy in years. She’s like a girl again. She goes around the place singing and doing little dance steps when she thinks no one’s watching.

They only met three weeks ago, but last week Mom announced that her boyfriend was moving in with us. Well, I wasn’t too happy with that, as you can imagine. But she explained that the three of us would be moving back to our old house in Wynberg. The tenants were given free rental last week while they found another place to live. They’ve moved out already and today we said goodbye to my granny and cousins. And, just like that, we’re moving back to our old place.

The weird thing is that I’m only meeting Mom’s boyfriend for the first time today – the day we move. His name is Kabelo and he’s 46 years old. Which makes him exactly ten years older than my mother.

He’s not bad looking, but he’s one of those old dudes who think that dressing young makes you look young.  So he’s all, like, cartoon-print hoodie, fake Rolex, and blinged up belt buckle, like he thinks he’s Pharrell or someone.

As Mom introduces us I stick out my hand to shake hands with him, but he sidesteps like a ninja and pulls me in for a kiss instead. It’s kind of gross because his mouth is all wet and he presses his body hard against me. But it doesn’t last long, and Mom is smiling to see us getting along so well.

So now, at last my life can get back to normal. I’m just glad I didn’t tell Jayden about it while it was going wrong.