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You my lady are one of the greatest writers I've known... I'm currently in grade 11, with a little scary dream of becoming a novelist. There are many discouraging factors standing in the way of my dreams, fortunately, authors like you (outstanding authors) always seem to have a portion of encouragement tucked somewhere in your words to erase any shadow of self-doubt in my mind. Sometimes I get so inspired, my mind plays a scene...few years from now.....sitting in front of a computer....writing yet another soon-to-be award winning romance novel....for the Mills and boon company of course!!! Haa! Luck schmuck
Enjelah · 3 months ago
I love ur work .. waiting for team trinity part two
Cecilia · 2 years ago
i love sisters ...eagerly waiting for sisters 4
Binti Adan · 2 years ago
Please Continue writing NOW FOLLOWING YOU.I Like All Your Stories
Fran · 3 years ago
MY friend you are clever one because you give us the wanted information which help to have experience in our real life.
Urimubenshi Faustin · 3 years ago