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Cebzah/Nelly · a month ago
you're a great author Fiona , i've read & looooooved all the series of Trinity . i wish i could read more about her & Farouk actually .😍
ilanga · 3 months ago
Fiona Snyckers, indeed you are the real deal author! Keeping writing because you make your readers to read even more! From my side I love your books and can even repeat them countless times. Be proud of yourself and thank God for this wonderful talent or gift you have! Big thumbs up for me!
gontse ka nxumalo · 4 months ago
Your books are amazing God blessed you with writing books that can change a girls mindset about life plz continue writing amazing books and I hope there is going to be a book after Trinity rising about her and Farouk's future and do they have kids
Mrs Nikki · 4 months ago
dear Fiona i love your books, especially Trinity please, continue with Trinity's books, please. 💞best writer ever💞
bgail8 · 4 months ago