Finally! After one month, five days and a couple of hours, mom decided that I could have my car back! Yippee! I am so flippin’ happy right now. But I deserved it; I’ve been playing the good girl for far too long.

Sim and I went out to celebrate with a movie, again. Thereafter he begged me to take him to Wimpy, says he enjoys the burgers but I know that’s not the case, what he really wanted were the toys. Some habits though, not even age can get rid of them. Boys and toys, how do you separate the two?

Dad called. I could just not believe it too. I never thought there would come a day when hearing my father’s voice would be the highlight of my day. I really missed him. We spoke and he was his normal self today, not the unshakable, strict father he had been for the past weeks.

He even asked me how school was coming along; how things were between Sebastian and I and I said everything was fine! I didn’t lie – I was making a wish. He asked if I was ready for exams yet. I just felt like hugging him over the phone. He is the best man in my life.

Today’s been a great day for me; the angels seem to be blessing me abundantly, but as I said I’ve been a good girl. I think it’s about time I let loose a bit, nothing reckless though. Just take Tee for a spin and we will see where we might end, but I promise not to go as far as the other day.

I just need some fresh air with my girl; to get ready for exams – LOL.

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ZZ xxx