Have you ever felt that you and your dad are drifting apart, and there’s nothing that can bring you closer because you can’t simply understand why he is still angry at you? He is still angry about that old incident of drunken driving. I thought by now he would’ve long cooled down and forgotten already, but it seems I was wrong. Can’t he just get over it; I mean it happened a long time ago. If a grudge holder like mom has made peace with it, why can’t he?

Is it me or is he becoming a bit stuck up? How many times do I need tell him that I made a blunder, it was stupid of me I know. But can we get over it now!

See, what happened to Kagiso made me realize how important family is. Our times on earth are limited; we can’t spend them angry at each other. I have to find a way to make peace with dad. I just have to.

Me and my father have always been best buddies, it’s strange that we don’t talk like we used to anymore. He hardly calls nowadays, even when he does call he doesn’t say much and I hate it. I guess this is what distance does to people’s relationships; push them apart. It’s so lonely in this world without my father. I miss him.

ZZ xxx