The house is empty tonight and the walls seem to echo my voice when I speak. It’s just me and dad the others are gone.
Sim is at a sleepover at his friend’s, mom and Sebastian went out, don’t ask, so it’s just dad and I, like it was supposed to be.

Dad hardly speaks to me. He just answers what needs to be answered and drifts away into space. I hate mom for doing this to him. These stunts she has been pulling really frustrate him. She is using Sim to get to him. And the bloody nerd is oblivious to that. He is just happy to side with mom.
What a fool? I thought nerds had good brains – but not my brother. He has chosen to stand with mom and desert dad. I choose to stand with dad. I feel safe around him; hence I opted to stay in and have my final night with him.

I know that dad, like all African men, has pride and cannot stand the self-assured ego that mom possesses. Sometimes I wonder why they got married. Now I know that opposite attract but this, is yin versus yang.

Mom and Dad are like cheese and chalk; you’d swear they have nothing in common. Mom is more of those nagging and controlling types. She always wants to be right and I mean, always! Dad is more reserved and reasonable.

I know that dad would rather she stayed and they resolve their conflicts. But oh no, mom is the kind that listens to nobody but the “goody-goody-devil” in her heart.

“Do you really have to go?” dad asked her. And she just gave him a cold look as a response; refusing to see that dad wants her to stay. Why can’t men just say things straight and outright? I don’t wana be grown up.

So tonight it’s just me and dad. He bought takeaways and we chowed in silence. I really feel safe in his presence.

ZZ xxx