I can’t take this anymore. I quit. I can’t seem to grasp my life and control it. It’s like there is a hand from hell that is steering me into rough waves.

Two classes missed – all because I overslept! Having to adjust to a new timetable and back-to-back classes really sucks! I feel like a slave; over worked and underpaid… If you call my tiny allowance a wage.

I can hardly believe it’s almost Friday. That’s just how tired I am, I hardly take note of days as they come and go. A weekend at the Spa would do the trick, only if money had not suddenly become the biggest debate in our family.

Dad called. He is formal and bureaucratic, only says what he feel needs to be said and nothing more. He said he might have to sell the house. Is he trying to erase all the memories we’ve created? It seems like I am destined to drown deeper in this sea of poverty.

Who knows, I might be ordered to sell my car very soon! Can I survive that though, huh, to have some stranger drive my baby?

This sure has been a gift straight from the gates of hell!

ZZ xxx