There is nothing more embarrassing than your parents acting like sixteen year olds in front of your boyfriend. I know they have problems and all but do they really have to flash it; even in front of an outsider?

It’s like there is this scent of unspoken words that hangs in the atmosphere. It might not be a full blown war yet, but the possibilities of a war between my parents are reaching boiling point. It’s gotten so bad that poor Dad had to move out of their bedroom…

Can you imagine if this house was not as big as it is, Dad would’ve slept on the couch! Mom is such a bully.

It’s hard not to see the spectacle they are causing but I was successfully pretending to be blind. That was until Sebastian snuck into my room to tell me that he is leaving, two days earlier than scheduled. Just like that. I mean, what happened to our plans of going back together on Thursday and spend our final weekend relaxing?

When I pressed for a reason for this sudden rush, he just told me that “he misses home”. What a lame excuse! I mean why is he suddenly “missing home” when dad is chased out of his room? I don’t know why I have to always beg. Now we have to leave on Friday and I am not up to it. Is this not the time I need him the most and he chooses to run away? So much for having a boyfriend.

To think I had fought so much with my parents to let us stay this extra week and start school late. So much for wasting all my bargaining chips.

ZZ xxx