I’ve got some news; both bad and good news. I will start with the good news.

Apparently Sebastian woke up today (I know you’re wondering why I’m saying “apparently”), I still have no access to him. I am still surviving with the little updates I get from Michaela – Ucuntsu akafani nocwaka. If it were up to the mother, I wouldn’t have had a titbit of information; I would be completely in the dark.

And after what happened when he woke up, it doesn’t seem like I will be seeing him soon. According to Michaela, when he woke up the first thing that came to out of his mouth was asking where I was. I know, right? Like ncoooh shweet man!

But when Michaela tried to explain why I wasn’t there, her mother gave her a cold stare. I think this incident has just worsened the bitterness she harbours towards me. But that’s the least of my worries; all that I want now is for Sebastian to get better soon, so that his mother may go away – forever – never to look back again.

I never actually envisaged that my encounter with Sebastian’s mother would be one of this nature but it’s not my fault that she is an arrogant cow. All that I miss now how our voices are in complete harmony when we laugh.

Eish! I gotta bounce. Free period is over and I’m supposed to be using this time to study for my test on Thursday.

Life can feel like a scramble race for nothing sometimes.

ZZ xxx