Sebastian was discharged today and the… (clearing throat)…his mother, will be leaving. Now I can have him all to myself.

This calls for a celebration… Yes! That’s what I am going to do: celebrate and feel young again – I can’t afford to feel old at my age; a few drinks with Tee might do the trick! Then when she’s gone tomorrow, I can go and cuddle up with my man. But tonight, we party!

I just called mom and told her the great news. She was all ecstatic at first but as soon as I mentioned that I am coming home late, all hell broke loose. She was like, “nywe nywe nywe…” I zoned out as soon as she started threatening to tell dad. Dad understands that when one is young they need to enjoy life to the fullest.

I can imagine when he was young, maybe his parents allowed him freedom to be himself (how I wish I met them, but unfortunately they died when I was very young). And as for mom, I think she was either born old or was one of those stil and skelm girls who looked innocent and did their deeds underground.

I’ve seen such girls and in their eyes, I see a lot of my mother…

Don’t you always wonder how your parents were like in their childhood? I always used to do that with Phoebe and we always used to have a laugh about it. Why are mothers strict to their daughters? And what’s funny is that they believe they are doing it for their goodwill. They never see the irony of it all: they always achieve the opposite of this, making mother and daughter the worst enemies.

How was your childhood? How far from the tree have you fallen? 😉

ZZ xxx