Let’s be honest, maintaining curly hair is expensive and that’s why I thought I should compile a list of curly girl products I approve of that won’t stretch your budget. I hope this list makes your natural hair journey a tiny bit easier.


Budget friendly brands:

The Perfect Hair

Curl Chemistry


Afrodite Organics

All the products that I list, I have used and they are all South African brands. My favourite by far is The Perfect Hair and Curl Chemistry. I love the Curl Chemistry’s curl activator cream, R135, and The Perfect Hair deep conditioner, R90. You can purchase some of these products at local supermarkets such as Clicks and Dischem.


Be sure to check the list of ingredients where provided, just to make sure the product has ingredients that you’re looking for.


Since we are talking about budget, let’s talk a bit of DIY. If you’re into pre-poo, which is the idea of preparing and prepping your hair before shampoo, then DIY works quite well. I use aloe vera juice, which is really affordable and can be purchased at Dischem, or I use rice water whenever I feel like I need a protein treatment. I also would add a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil for a lovely smell and for its scalp promoting properties. You can buy a range of essential oils from Dischem. They can be expensive for a small bottle; however, they do last very long.


I think that a good hair detangling brush is so crucial for gently getting out all those knots. Some detangling brushes can be really expensive, like the Wet Brush Detangler or the Tangle Teezer. These brushes are definitely worth the investment and I would recommend buying them in future. However, if you can’t afford it right now I would recommend the Clicks range – My Earth Detangling Brush, around R90.


When sleeping at night it’s important to protect your hair. Using a satin or silk pillowcase when sleeping helps curb hair fallout and causes less friction on your hair. I bought a satin pillowcase from Mr Price Home for around R70. Alternatively, you can use a bonnet when sleeping.

Bonus Product

Although Shea Moisture is quite expensive I wanted to add that I was looking at getting a Shea Moisture leave-in-conditioner that was R250, but I was really reluctant to spend so much money so I was going to opt for a cheaper brand. However, to my surprise when I got to Clicks I found a 237ml bottle of Shea Moisture leave-in-conditioner for R130. I was super thrilled and grabbed it right away.

If you want to purchase expensive hair brands further down the line then by all means go for it, but taking care of your hair shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Focus on caring for your hair as best as possible without breaking the bank.

Happy Curl Journey!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this article are not sponsored, and are not endorsed by or affiliated with FunDza Literacy Trust. Please be advised that the prices mentioned may increase or decrease, and are determined by stores and the current market.


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Tell us: Are there any budget friendly tips that you can share?