With SUMMER finally here, most of us have been connecting with friends and family, enjoying some outdoor fun activities and best of all, soaking up the sun at the beach.

Not to be the party-pooper but we all know that too much sun can damage your beautiful skin. So please people, make sure that you apply enough sunscreen (sunblock) to avoid getting skin cancer and other skin conditions. Remember 30 minutes in the sun is all you need for the skin to start burning up. Yes, even you dark-skinned beauties, so make sure that you are protected.

A reminder of some important things to have in your beach bag:
* Sunscreen – obviously
* Sun glasses
* Bronze tan body make-up for those summer nights out
* Straw-hats for the sun
* Lip balm for dry lips and also to avoid lips cracking
* Water bottle

Remember to:
* Shower at least twice a day – you wanna stay fresh at all times.
* Wear light material clothing to avoid sweating off your sunscreen lotion and also developing sweat/heat rush.
* Apply less foundation – you will sweat a lot so you don’t want to block your pores.
* Keep the make-up light – when you sweat, your skin pores are open and dirt can accumulate from your make-up.
* Lastly, drink lots of fluid and keep hydrated.


Tell us: What else can you do to protect your skin this summer?