Personally, when it comes to dressing African prints, keeping it simple and elegant is what I would go for!

African prints are very busy, colourful and vibrant as is, and I find it unnecessary to try and over-style them! Like what more can you do to add a little bit of funk to the outfit? Well, nothing really, other than going dramatic and becoming artistic with the look. This basically, requires guts!

The dramatic and artistic look in an outfit would be to wear African prints on African prints (variety of patterns in one outfit). It requires a certain style, it has to do with the way you style your hair, the bag you carry, the way you walk and with the way you jam.

It requires a lot of guts and confidence to pull that off.

Fashion has no limit; but remember it has a lot to do with your personality. When you dress; you want to own it! And not have to wonder what people are thinking about what you are wearing.

In the meantime, let’s keep it simple and elegant, shall we?

Here are some of the African print fabrics.
– Shweshwe – Southern Africa – Also known as idackie (usually worn by Xhosa brides). It’s also used to make all types of fashion clothing from couture to read-to-wear.
– Kitenge is a West African fabric… And it’s also my favourite!
– Kente – is from Ghana and Nigeria
– Venda patterns and beads for accessories.

When styling these patterns, it would be ideal to wear a skirt for example; Kitenge made skirt with a plain white t-shirt and accesorise with a plain colour shoe of your choice, sandals, heels or tommies. Top it off with a beaded neck piece to keep it African and beautifully styled!

Written by Zikhona Gwadiso


What are some of your favourite African prints?

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