Hot Girl Summer: โ€œFeeling confident in who you are and having fun and looking good while doing it” (

Newsflash! You don’t have to break your bank to have a hot girl summer.

Welcome to Girl Talk’s guide to a fabulous, budget-friendly Hot Girl Summer! Remember, it’s all about feeling confident and having fun without emptying your wallet.

December has always been THE month for me. It’s when school’s out, the air’s buzzing, and everyone’s in high spirits. There’s something magical about the December sun that makes you feel fantastic. And as the saying goes, when you look good, you feel even better!

I was always aware of not falling into the pressures of spending tons of money on things I did not need. I firmly believe in knowing and accepting what is possible for me and how I can work around what I have to have fun and enjoy myself with the people I love. Back then, we planned to go to the beach, have pizza and ice cream dates, and be in each other’s company as long as it’s affordable and we can look cute.

On that note, Mo’ghel, step into my office, grab a seat, and let’s discuss looking good on a budget!

The relationship between girls and getting their hair done is an unbreakable one. But what if you can’t afford knotless braids, cornrows or even a wig? I kid you not; I cut my hair almost every December for five years. Because one, it’s scorching and two, who wants to fuss over hair every day when you can just go to the barber to do a cute haircut and top it off with blonde, maroon or even a ginger Inecto hair dye (Currently fighting the urge to cut my hair and go blonde).

Makeup is great, but it’s also optional. A bare face always goes a long way. Washing one’s face, moisturising it, and applying sunscreen – a combo! Not only will you feel good, but you will also look like a glazed doughnut – as Bonang Matheba says, melting butter! To look even more scrumptious, top it off with a clear gloss or Vaseline on your lips and mascara.

The girlies have been applying white gel to their toenails to make them look cute while wearing sandals or flip-flops. As I type this, I also have white gel on my toenails. You don’t need to go to a nail tech to do this. All you need is a nail clipper, white nail polish and nail polish remover. Start by cutting your toenails, applying the nail polish, and then using the nail polish remover to neaten the sides that may have gone over your nail during the application. Bob’s your uncle! Bright white and fresh toenails – a homemade pedicure. This method goes for any colour. Trust me, I’ve done this before.

The lovely thing about clothes is that you can mix and match them. If you have a favourite pair of skirts, you can combine them with a specific top. You can also wear that top with a different pair of shorts. The answers are right there in your wardrobe. Wear those outfits with the earrings and necklaces that you have. Find a mirror and put together bomb outfits! Remember amazaza!

I know that’s right! This summer, let’s be the girls! We’ll be unstoppable, confident in ourselves, looking gorgeous and enjoying good vibes.

Tell us: How do you hot girl summer on a budget? And what recommendations do you have? We would love to know.

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