Girl Talk
Safe Sex
5 days ago
What is Safe sex? Sex is difficult to talk about. I remember when I had my first sex education talk in primary school, and there was not only curiosity but a weird feeling of feeling like it was a taboo topic. In high school, we would get talks about how if we had sex, then…
Girl Talk
Fat? Yes…. Ashamed? No.
2 weeks ago
Growing up, girls are always made aware of the importance of being beautiful and acting demurely. Boys are given ships and cars as toys, while girls receive Barbie dolls to remind them of the feminine ideal. Even pop culture and the media teach us that beauty is found in the blonde, blue-eyed, thin lead actors…
Girl Talk
Don’t blame the victim!
3 weeks ago
Picture this: You have a friend who told you about a horrible experience with someone that made her feel uncomfortable. Although you feel sorry for her, the story of what happened starts spreading to your other friends in school and your community. They say that she asked for it because of how she dresses, so…