I now believe when people say love is blind. No matter how many eye witnessed saw Ebenezer chatting on Nthabiseng, she just didn’t believe them at all. She didn’t realise anything, until Mother Nature – her internal protector – visited her and made her see that these relationships were not right.

Mother Nature was accompanied by a girl called Terry. Boom! The girl was the girlfriend and she was pregnant.

POW! A dark cloud fell upon Nthabiseng. Confusion became her middle name. Rumors about the pregnancy became her daily meal.

She confronted Ebenezer: “Are you the baby’s father?”

“Eeeh! No. I never had sex with her,” said Ebenezer.

Nthabiseng believed him – like she believes in God. Wow! She has such a huge ego to believe in him while seeing Terry’s tummy growing each day.

Well, we all know that the truth comes out at the end. The child was not Ebenezer’s.

So, Ebenezer hadn’t had sex with Terry – but that was the first and last truth Ebenezer told Nthabiseng.