Ebenezer never stopped cheating on her. I now can see why some chicks believe that a leopard will not change its spots.

If you see Ebenezer smiling – you too would melt, even though it may be winter. But all those smiles were lies.

One Saturday, while Nthabiseng was out shopping, she thought of spoiling her man. Because he was her first lover, she called her girlfriend and asked: “I want to spoil Ebenezer. Any idea on what I can buy him?”

“Mmmmmh, just a simple card will do,” said her friend, Thembi.

Nthabiseng bought him an expensive card and even more expensive chocolate. She went home and wrapped them up. Then she set out to deliver them.

He was very happy. He told her that he loves her with his whole heart.

Wait, let me rewind a bit. About this relationship: Nthabiseng was like the man. You may be asking yourself how. Let me tell you: she was the one doing the calling, the buying of presents, doing all those things to court the guy. Well, hours passed, days passed, months passed – and inside her heart, her love for Ebenezer grew strong roots.