While the other pupils had their own thoughts and comments about Ebenezer dating Nthabiseng, the poor girl was blinded by love and fooled by those three words – “I love you”.

Ebenezer knew how lucky he was to be loved by such a dignified girl and he was willing – by all means possible – to prove a point to the world.

Nthabiseng was really in love. But, Ebenezer was just wanting to prove a point and become that first guy to kiss, touch and break her virginity. Wow, he was a dangerous wolf, dressed up as a sheep.

In the first month, he was already cheating on Nthabiseng with three other girls. Poor Nthabiseng was already swimming in a pool of her own tears … but she just couldn’t stop loving him.

She had already painted a picture in her mind of their future together: Ebenezer and her getting married, her in a white wedding dress and then her and Ebenezer living in a house with their two kids.

She had signed a contract in her heart that no matter how hard and tough it would be, she was never going to give up on him. Nthabiseng took their relationship more seriously than a married woman. She loved him with everything.