Our one year anniversary was approaching and I already knew what I was going to get her. Now my Bridget had a short temper and she had been acting a little weird lately. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing because I hated fighting. She was pushing me away and always had a reason not to see me. I was too much in love to see any fault with her so it didn’t bother me much.

It was the big day, our anniversary. I woke up to find a message from her and I responded with mine, a nice poem. Later in the day she came over to my house we spent the day together. It was the best day ever and I gave her gifts: a ring and a necklace. I had spent R700 on those two things and I felt it was not enough. The day went well and it passed too soon. We had reconnected and I thought things were back to normal.

Then one day I was supposed to meet up with her but she told me that she couldn’t. I was hurt and disappointed so I decided to let loose about the fact that she had been neglecting me before. She shouted at me over the phone that I regretted ever saying anything. She told me she won’t take my insecurities anymore. Anymore? I was shocked.

“Yeah, telling your friends that I am neglecting you and that am cheating on you, that I’m taking after that friend of mine. I won’t report to you. You are not my parent and I won’t tell you every move I make. If I say I can’t see you then that’s it, I can’t! Just accept it and don’t even put a thought into it…in fact you know what, I’m done. You do things your way and I will do things mine.” she had hung up on me and after that she switched off her phone.

What did I do? The only people I had confided in about her not spending time with me anymore were my friends. I tried calling the following day but she didn’t answer any of my calls. My friends asked me about Bridget and I told them what had happened. They just kept quite as I cried not knowing what to do anymore.


Tell us what you think: What had Bridget heard that made her so angry? What should Siyabonga do now?