A few days later I finally got hold of her and apologised even though I had done nothing wrong. She didn’t want to hear it. She told me that she doesn’t believe in “us” anymore and it was over. She broke up with me. I tried to ask about the promises that we made to each other, that no matter what we would stick together and she just said, “Things change, uzoba strong.”

Xolani, one of my friends, came to me and told me something that I had never thought about…well something I thought they would never do to me. My good friend Xolani told me that all the days that Bridget was neglecting me, she was with them (my friends). She was spending time with them drinking and…..having sex. That she and her ‘bad friend’ were sleeping with all of them.

She was cheating on me! My angel was actually was cheating on me. I couldn’t believe it. I just broke down and cried. I tried calling her just to get her side of the story. She denied it but I didn’t believe it. Even though I loved her with all my heart, somehow I just didn’t trust her the same as before. So I confronted her once again and she finally admitted it.

That was it! She had done the unforgiveable! How could she? What was it that I had done to make her do this to me? Wasn’t I the perfect boyfriend, kind, loving and understanding? What had I done to deserve this? I spent days feeling sad and sorry for myself, until one day I saw that she wasn’t ever hurting.

I decided I won’t be like them, her and my friends. Yes, I WON’T! I was going to be worse than them. That’s what I told myself that I will be worse than them. Whatever they did I would do better, when they were bad I would be worst. I had learnt a lot about girls from Bridget. So that more than enough for me to became a player.

The End


Tell us what you think: Did Siyabonga make the right decision changing who he is because he got hurt? Have you ever been cheated on and how do you handle the heart break?