That day felt like a long day at school. Even though I was nervous I was also excited. So when I got home after school, I freshened up. I hadn’t told anyone about my meeting with Bridget, especially not my friends. I knew them too well, they had no problems with chatting with girls. I didn’t want backup just in case they ended up stealing my girl.

I waited for 5 minutes at the spot, I was a bit early. There were so many thoughts going through my head: maybe she changed her mind, maybe she never existed, maybe my friends are standing at the corner watching me and laughing. Then I saw her, she was real. She was walking with another girl and they had reached a close distance. The other girl stopped and Bridget came closer. She stood a distance from me, but she was close enough.

She was prettier than the pictures she’s sent me on Mxit. Suddenly I was way too nervous.

“Hello,” she greeted in a small, sweet voice.

“Hi,” I greeted back. It came out like a whisper than a greeting. I was embarrassed that she’d notice I was nervous.

Unjani?” I asked nervously.

“I’m OK, and you?” she answered in English.

I started getting even more nervous as I’m not really comfortable speaking English. It was one of my favourite subjects at school and I spoke it with my friends sometimes, but still I wasn’t comfortable speaking it with Bridget. So after a few seconds awkward silence, I finally responded.

“ I’m fine! Yim’u Siyabonga, lomuntu waku mxit,” “I’m Siyabonga, the guy from Mxit,” I said feeling a bit more relaxed.

Kuhle ukukwazi, Siyabonga. Mina sengiyahamba, ngize noSisi wam. I can’t stay,” She said she had to go and that the girl she had come with was her sister.

That was the shortest date ever and really the weirdest. But because she was actually doing me a favour and relieving me from my nervousness, I was only happy to let her go.

“Oh OK, sharp,” I said, and then she turned and walked away.

I didn’t say this to her but she was mighty hot. I mean a real yellow bone, brown eyes, small nice nose, bushy eyebrows and long eye lashes and the lips of a goddess. Wow they were not big and not small they were just……perfect! I had hit the jackpot!!!


Tell us what you think? Why did Bridget bring her sister to their first meeting? Have you ever met a ‘chat room lover’ in real life?