Hell she was perfect! From top to bottom, her body was to die for. She looked like one of those girls from the Miss South Africa pageant. I loved her right there and then. I thought about all these things as I made my way back home. On the way I was happy, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about the girl I just met.

When I got to the corner where my friends and I usually chilled at, I found them there. I told them about what just happened and as usual they didn’t believe me. Well I couldn’t blame them for that. I’ve shown my shyness many times around them when girls were around and if they were there to see me and Bridget in action; I would’ve become the next comedy show.

Later that day, I was online and she logged in.

“Hi handsome,” she greeted.

Oh my, she thought I was cute. I was happy because it had worried me that she may think I’m just a guy.

“Hey,” I typed back.

“Ah mara, I call you handsome and you don’t say anything?” she complained.

I suddenly realised that I was at home and she was at her own house. That meant I could say anything to her, so I decided to play smooth and charm her.

“Oh no, sorry babe. I thought it was a wrong text or something, but if it makes you feel any better I meant to say ‘hey beautiful’.” I texted back.

“LOL you mean that?” I was surprised she didn’t believe me.

“Oh yeah I mean it. You’re so beautiful. I can’t get you out of my mind. It’s like I’m addicted to 2 u and must go 2 rehab….in ur heart.” I was so shocked with that line I wrote. That I hit ‘send’ before I could even think about it. She took a while to reply.

Wow, I’m blushing. My sis says you are shy,”

“Yeah I am shy…LOL. Wud?” I had taught her some of the ‘Mxit lingo’ and she responded.

jc thinking about you. And you?”

“I’m also thinking about u. What r u thinking about me?” It was easier flirting when she wasn’t in person.

“I was actually thinking about me and you dating, that would be some picture worth framing,” she texted back. I froze. Is this really happening to me? If this girl was a dream I didn’t want to want wake up.

Yho I don’t know what 2 say, but mina I wouldn’t mind dating u.”

“ Then its settled me and you are dating.” She texted and then she said good night and logged off.

I felt like jumping up and down, I actually had a girlfriend. I saved the conversation just so I could show it to my friends the following day. I sleep like a baby.


Tell us what you think: Is it easier dating on line than it is in person? Have you ever had a ‘cyber relationship’?