Finally after years of ridicule from my friends about me not me having a girlfriend, I had found one. I had met her through Mxit using the Friend Finder Application. I had put up my profile and I she was the first ‘hit’ I got who had read my profile and sent me an invite. We were the same age but I was a Grade ahead of her. Her name was Bridget.

We started chatting and I soon found out she was new on Mxit. She didn’t understand half the short hand I was using so I had to write long, proper sentences. I spent the first few days teaching her how to navigate the chat site. It was fun chatting with her and we had a lot in common. We exchanged pictures and spent nights up late chatting. Like all cyber relationships, it was time for us to meet in person. I was nervous about this idea because when it comes to the opposite sex, I always fumbled with words.

We stayed in the same township but went to different schools. She was anxious to meet me so after a couple of lame excuses, I gave in. We set a day to meet, the time and the place she picked. Part of me thought this was a cruel joke from one of my friends. I was reluctant to go. But every time I thought about it, I realised that I would never get this chance again. I was lucky a girl found me interesting, let alone be willing to meet me. So when the day came, I was ready.


Tell us what you think: Would you meet up with a stranger you found on a social network? How real or honest are people about themselves in chat rooms?