Lindi and Kerina arrive in Durban before noon and hire a rental car with their fake identification.

“So how far is this Port Shepstone?” Kerina, asks Phila while communicating with him over a Bluetooth wireless earphone.

“120km south of Durban,” Phila responds.

“Anything we need to know about this town?”

“Besides the fact that it is the administrative, educational and commercial center for Southern Natal, No.”

When Lindi and Kerina arrive in Port Shepstone, they drive to the lighthouse where Phila told them was Horotoshi’s location. They park the car in front of an 8 meter circular cast iron tower, and they see another vehicle with the driver’s door left opened. They head towards the car and, when Kerina doesn’t find anything valuable in it, they enter the tower. As they enter the tower, Lindi pulls out a Gerber Sheath knife while Kerina pulls out a machine pistol with a silencer.

“What’s with you and knives?” Kerina asks with a scowl.

“Guns are for cowards,” Lindi responds.

Kerina clicks her tongue and they continue to search inside the lighthouse. They trot up the stairs and hear people speaking Japanese upstairs. They then follow the trail of the sound and reach a certain door. Horotoshi and his two Japanese women startle when Lindi kicks the door down. As soon as the door was down, the Japanese women transform into creatures, but Kerina opens fire on both of them when they attempt to attack.

Lindi glances at Kerina. “You see what I mean?”

“Oh shut up,” Kerina responds, but not in an angry tone. “I’m not a coward, I just don’t feel like sweating today.”

A few minutes later, Horotoshi was tied up with chains on a chair.

“What did you do with the boy’s arm that you chopped off?” Lindi asks aggressively. “And the other kids abilities that you stole, what did you do with them?”

“You’ll find that out very soon,” Horotoshi says with a comfortable voice.

“If you want to stay alive, you better tell us what we want to hear,” Kerina says, striking the head of her gun on his forehead.

Horotoshi chuckles. “All you Protectors are going to die and she’s going to rule over this world.”

“Who’s this she you’re talking about?” Lind asks.

“Like I said, you’ll find out very soon. Nothing will stop her, and you’re all going to die.”

Feeling irritated, Kerina fires a bullet at Horotoshi’s forehead.

“Damn it Kerina, what the fuck? Zakhele didn’t say we should kill him!” Lindi says, feeling upset about Kerina’s rash decision of killing him.

“He also didn’t say we mustn’t kill him!” Kerina said, feeling pissed as hell. “Besides, he was annoying me.”

“The Italians want this guy, Kerina! They’ve been after him for months!”

“I don’t care! They should’ve come and found him themselves. We did our job by killing this creature, because that’s what we’re hired to do.”

Kerina then walked away, leaving Lindi with an exasperated sigh


“Do you want to join us for some gun training?” Anton says, asking Monroe, who is busy on the computer.

“I’ll be with you guys in a second,” Monroe responds.

Once Anton is gone, Monroe finds Summer’s old Facebook page, steals her profile picture, and searches for her on the system. He looks at Anton walking away, and when he is out of sight, he focuses his eyes back on the computer while it continues to search for Summer’s face. After a while, Monroe is surprised when he finds a match. The computer reveals Summer’s latest picture, which is caught by a camera. Her location reveals that she’s in Hillbrow, an inner-city residential neighborhood of Johannesburg, and the camera shows her to have been there about an hour ago.

“She’s just right here,” Monroe softly says to himself. “What the hell are you doing in Hillbrow?”

Monroe is worried because he once read about Hillbrow’s known high levels of poverty, prostitution, and crime. He figures that the place isn’t a good one for her to be in. He then goes to his private room and packs some of his stuff. After that, he leaves quietly without informing anyone because he needed to retrieve Summer back to his life.


Tell us: With Monroe as valuable as he is to the Protectors, do you think it’s safe for him to go looking for Summer at Hillbrow alone?