“Monroe!” Phila calls out, and when Monroe looks up, he beckons on a chair for him to sit next to him.

Monroe leaves the books he’s been reading for the past hour and sits next to Phila.

“You see this button,” Phila says. “You just press it and it will scan all the people in the country. As long as we have a photo of that person you are looking for on the system, then the computer will find them.”

Phila is continuing his duties of training Monroe because he is one of the new members on the team.

“Awesome stuff,” Monroe says. “I was always wondering how you guys find people.”

Lindi and Monroe joined the team three months ago. The Protectors moved their facility from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Their mission was to find any creatures in the country or find newborns with special abilities like Monroe, and so far they haven’t found anything related to that.

Also, Monroe hasn’t gotten over the fact that Summer is a creature. She is the first girl he’s ever liked, the first friend he’s ever had, and she saved his life by healing his wounds. But sister Lindi told him to get over her. But he just can’t, and now he’s willing to secretly find her with what Phila had just told him. He also didn’t return to university because he realised that joining the Protectors is something he needed to do. He needed to try to find other kids like him and save them from the creatures.

Elsewhere, Lindi is in the gun room, but she’s practicing with some new knives because guns have never been her thing. Anito joins her, but he doesn’t bother greeting her. For the past three months, their situation has been like that. They ignore each other as if they are strangers. Actually, Anito is the one that has been ignoring Lindi. He’s been avoiding her because of what happened at the restaurant, but it doesn’t bother Lindi because she doesn’t care about him.

“Hey, Lindi.” Kerina says while standing by the door. “There is a new mission.”

Zakhele informs Kerina and Lindi that there is a creature roaming around the country. “His name is Horotoshi Suzuki,” Zakhele says while revealing his picture on the screen. “Brando De Sica has been looking for him for a while. He has already captured three kids and taken their abilities.”

“So he’s an upgraded creature?” Kerina asks.

“We’re not sure if he merged the kids’ powers with himself or if he used them for another creature, so you must be cautious when you approach him. He might be very dangerous.”

“Where’s he now?” Lindi asks.

“Durban, somewhere on the South Coast.”

Lindi looks at Monroe, since the South Coast is his home. A home, she’s sure, he doesn’t even remember. She wants to take him instead, but then realises that it would be better if the memories don’t return to his mind.

“Can you two handle this?” Zakhele asks. “Professionally, that is?”

“Of course,” Kerina says while rolling her eyes. “Are we, like, new here or something?”

“I’m asking because I know you two don’t like each other.”

“She doesn’t like me,” Lindi says. “I have no problem with her.”

“You got that right,” Kerina responds. “But I can be professional.”

Lindi and Kerina have an awkward situation too, but at least Kerina can be civil and professional because she doesn’t have a reason to hate her like Lindi.

“Great. You two will leave tomorrow morning.”


Tell us: What do you think the Protectors need to do with Horotoshi Suzuki (the creature) once they catch him?