In Mount Patti, Idowu walks inside the queen’s private chamber. She finds the queen standing next to her bed, naked, and staring at a large portrait of herself on the wall.

“Olori mi. Mr Suzuki ti ku. Awọn aabo ni o pa (My queen. Mr Suzuki is dead. He was killed by The Protectors) Idowu says, bowing her head.

Queen Wabara turns and looks at Idowu without any shock reaction. “Nibo? (Where).”

“Ni South Africa. O wa nibẹ nitori o wa ọkan miiran. Ọmọkunrin kan.(In South Africa. He was there because he located another one. A boy)”

“O to akoko lati fun awọn oluso ibajẹ naa ni ẹkọ. Emi yoo gba ọmọkunrin naa funrarami (It’s time we teach those damn Protectors a lesson. I’ll get that boy myself.),” Queen Wabara says. She then turns back to stare at her colorful Art. She snaps her fingers towards Oge, and she comes towards her carrying a white gown.

“Mura ayeye naa. Àsìkò ti tó (Prepare the ceremony, it’s time),” Queen Wabara says.

“Bẹẹni ayaba mi (Yes my queen),” Idowu says. She then walks out of the room, leaving Oge while she dresses Queen Wabara in her gown.


In a different chamber, it’s dark with only fire sticks brightening the room. A man comes in with the first steel case and puts it in front of the queen. He opens the case, and inside the case is five human nails, and the queen approves of it with a nod. Then another man comes in with a second case, and the case has a human eye. Again, the queen approves it with a nod. The last man come in with the last case and heads towards the queen, and the case has a human arm.

“Iru agbara iyalẹnu bẹẹ (Such an amazing power),” Queen Wabara says. She then turns and looks at the concrete bed with four men surrounding it while holding thick sticks that are burning fire.

Oge slides the gown off the queen, and the queen transforms into a creature. The creature isn’t an ordinary one, though. It looks like the same creature that killed Lindi’s team. The one that was killed by Monroe when he was a little boy. It was bigger and taller, though, and it had hairy skin.

The creature then goes to the concrete bed and the men tie it up with the chains. Idowu then takes the Abilities from the cases and put them in hot lava. She puts on steel gloves and grabs the arm from the hot lava. Once she has it in hand, she comes closer to the creature, and the men start chanting.

“Fun ayaba ni agbara (Give the queen the power).”

They all speak in unison while Idowu merges the arm to the creature’s right arm. She goes back to the hot lava for the eye, and she thrust it on the creatures left eye. The creature growls in pain, but the men continue in unison.

“Fun ayaba ni agbara.”
“Fun ayaba ni agbara.”
“Fun ayaba ni agbara.”

Idowu cups the nails from the hot lava and combines them with the creature’s left claws. A few seconds later, the creature’s eye, arm and claws begin to burn in steam, and the men continue chanting in unison, but this time much louder.

“Fun ayaba ni agbara!”
“Fun ayaba ni agbara!”
“Fun ayaba ni agbara!”

When the ceremony ends, the creature is merged with the abilities. It becomes more powerful than anything before it, more than anything anyone can handle. The creature is now something that The Protectors are trying to avoid.


Tell us: Now that Queen Wabara is merged with the powers, do you think the Protectors will be able to defeat her?