He was walking slowly back to the house, dreading the thought of being alone yet again for the whole day between those cold walls. He should be used to it by now really, but no man is an island and he hated how the time dragged on before she came home in the evening. She was in a better mood this morning. I wonder what got her all worked up last night. I know I didn’t say anything to upset her, she would’ve told me if I had. She would’ve tuned me for sure. The thought made him chuckle as he reached the door and searched for the keys in his pocket. He stood at the door for a while, contemplating what to do for the rest of the day. He sighed, and moved to the pile of clothing that was on the chair ready to be hung. It’s a beautiful sunny day and the clothes would definitely get dry.

He pounced onto the couch and checked his email. Even though he wasn’t expecting any responses from his new employers, he hoped for some response. Wow, the great city of Shanghai! This was an opportunity of a lifetime and everything was riding on it. Monday, Monday they should have a response. The job is already mine, the contract has been signed and all the documents sent, so there is no problem, they just need to process everything. She did say it was all good, that everything was sorted and I shouldn’t worry and panic. How did she get to be so wise? Will smiled to himself as he thought about the woman he just walked to the station, his girlfriend.

She’s the best of everything a guy could possibly ask for. A friend, best friend, a lover, a housemate with excellent housekeeping skills, a great laugh when a guy feels gloomy, good company to chill and hang out with, and she is super smart… she is perfect! I am truly blessed to have her and she HAS to come with me. But how do I get her there? She wants to come but her life is also building up here. Writing for a magazine is an opportunity she’s hoped for for so long and she’ll not give that up for anything. But it’s freelance and she can do it anywhere in the world. Surely, if this magazine is willing to publish her work then any magazine would take her? But how do I make her see that?

He needed her by his side but he saw no way of getting her there without seeming selfish. Love can never be enough for an ambitious woman like Lindy and he wouldn’t dare insult her by suggesting she drop everything, marry him and fly off to wherever his new work required him to be. But if he left her behind then what would happen to them? How would the relationship survive those different time zones? And with the new changes about to take place in both their lives, where would they find the time to connect in a long distance relationship? It was clear as day he couldn’t stay, she would never allow it. But it was becoming impossible imagining life without her. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. But can a man live with himself, knowing that he’s walked away from true happiness… Was he willing to do this?