“CHOICE”, the reading on the wrapper glared at her from the floor, with its golden writing glowing on the contrast deep blue background. “CHOICE’’. It simply read. Why didn’t she notice it before? It was there the day before and this morning when she left for work, but she simply dismissed it. And now she can’t seem to tear her eyes away from it.

“It’s done!” – The voice brought her back to the brightly lit room. She looked up from the bed and stared in full amazement at the smiling and excited face of her sweetheart.

“The old man confirmed it and he knows what he’s talking about. He is an ambassador and he does these things all the time, deals with them day in, day out. I’m not gonna worry anymore.’’

Will was Lindy’s boyfriend of 6 months. They have been staying together for what felt like a life time now, a month or two. She loved him and he adored her, they were just perfect together. But tonight Lindy was not loving him at all, not that he did anything wrong, she just wanted peace and space and a little get away. She wanted so much but life seemed to be dishing out good things one teaspoon at a time, and she was feeling spent.

“Five days baby, that’s what he said. I must give it at least a week and they will get back to me. This is awesome news’’.

Now he was getting really irritating. Isn’t this the same thing I told you like every day this week? Isn’t it what I was preaching the whole time, assuring you that all will be fine and you have nothing to worry about? But now you seem to be a broken record repeating this to me like I didn’t know it already, all because the old man said it!

She almost spat out the words but bit her tongue. Strange how a man will hang on to every word his father said like he was God. But she wasn’t going to say that to him. How could she, without sounding pathetic, clingy and spiteful? This was a happy time for Will and she had to support him like she’s done for so long since they met. But now she was thinking otherwise, wondering if she had any more strength to play super girlfriend, to put all her worries and problems aside and smile even though she felt like screaming, did she have it in her or was she finally spent? “CHOICE”, the word just kept glowing, provoking her to move, to shift, and to change. It had drowned every word in the room and had caused a buzzing sound in her head. What choice was she supposed to make? What damn choice? The scarier question she was more afraid to ask herself was lingering in the air, was she ready?