“Oh my word, I was right, you are sick, look at you, sweating and shaky. You need to go home, really,” she really thought I was sick, and now I had to explain my matter of being nervous and sweating.

“No, my friend, I know this one, he’s always like this when he’s nervous, or standing in front of the girl just like now. Come on, let’s go inside, it’s getting cold here,” said Miranda passing next to us.

Keisha looked at me and asked, “Is it?”

I bashfully smiled.

James waved at Miranda as she was passing next to them. “Can I walk you inside?” asked James following her.

“No thank you. I can walk myself in,” responded Miranda.

“Okay,” James answered, going to the other direction.

“Oh that was weird. Are you guys always like this?” asked Keisha.

“Like what?” I asked, feeling offended.

“Never mind.”

We went inside just when the MC announced it was almost time for the dancing. I saw Miranda coming towards Keisha and I also saw James coming towards me in the opposite direction. We looked at each other, because she saw what I saw.

“You’re going to be my partner tonight,” said Miranda to Keisha.

“What!” I exclaimed.

“You heard me,” she answered.

“Oh come on Miranda you can’t be serious, we know for a fact that you can’t dance, and now you want to spoil my night, our night.”

“I’m spoiling your night and who else’s?”

I looked at Keisha. “Did you ask her, because I know for a fact that she didn’t come with a partner here.”

Oh Miranda was making things difficult for me, as she usually did, and she was annoying.

“No, she didn’t ask her yet,” James jumped in to back me up.

She looked at James and asked, “Who asked you?”

“No one. I was explaining why my friend has taken so long to ask this lovely lady here, it’s because of our plan.”

“What plan?” asked Miranda with curiosity.

“Our plan was to wait for a right time so we can ask you beautiful ladies nicely to dance with us. Just right now, I’m asking you now, Miranda, may I please be your partner?”


Tell us: Do you think Miranda will say yes?