I could see that Luther had something to say to me, so I decided to tell him my next mission.

“Guys, there’s some emergency, and the time is against us. James, I have a plan, and this plan might work only if we’re brave enough to do it.”

They were both interested to know the plan, but the look on James’s face showed his fear. Luther was relieved because the plan excluded him, so he acted bossy. He took a sip from the cup he had in his hand.

“You better have the plan that can work because we’ll be a bunch of jackasses if your plan fails. So tell us about this plan.”

I looked at James and he was edgy about all of this. “Are you ready?” I asked him.

He couldn’t come up with an answer because he was scared. He knew for a fact that he wouldn’t stand a chance with her and I needed him as my back up. I really wanted to confront her so I could confess to her. James was not willing to back me. He chickened out, and I was left with Luther. James didn’t even bother to listen to the plan, he went to the dance floor alone.

“Look, those boys went outside with them.” Luther said.

“I know because I saw them. What’s the plan man? Come on,” Luther wanted to hear the plan first.

“OK. I want us to go there. We know that there’s only one boy dating one girl, so the other two are free. We are going for those two and I will personally confront Keisha. What do you think about that plan?” I asked Luther, and he smiled.

He loved the plan I had, mostly because it excluded him.

“Oh well, if you think the plan will work for, then I don’t mind to be there for you my main “O”. Let’s go for it.” He patted me on my shoulder. “I got you man, don’t you worry.”

He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and we walked, away from the dance floor.

Outside, Nicole was about to leave the after party with her boyfriend. But her boyfriend wanted to leave with his boys, and the boys had to ask Keisha and Miranda to leave with them. But the girls were not ready for that yet. But just because their friend was leaving, they were tempted to.

We showed up and the other boy held Keisha by her hands, and his eyes were straight on Keisha’s sad face.

I didn’t know what to do, I was shaking and getting nervous.

“Look at them, she’s not happy to be there, don’t you see that?” asked Luther. I couldn’t answer him as my mind and eyes were on Keisha. “Just shout out her name, you don’t need to go there,” he advised.

When I didn’t move, he looked at me and saw how sweaty I was.

“Bro. Are you OK? You look sick,” James asked, coming out of nowhere. “He’s always like this when he’s nervous, haven’t you noticed?”

“Hey, you finally showed up, so are you in, are you ready for Miranda?” asked Luther in his naughtiest voice.

“Peter!” I heard someone shouting out my name, but we were busy talking so I thought I heard wrong. I continued talking and Luther. Luther pat me on my right shoulder, I looked at him but he was still looking behind us, so I looked behind us too and I saw the most beautiful smile ever.

Keisha waved at me, I saw the happy face I know and adore. Not the sad face she wore the time the boy was talking to her. I waved back at her, going towards them. She pulled her hand out of the boy’s hand and came towards me. I got next to her, sweaty and shaky.


Tell us: Have you ever felt like Peter feels? What did you do?