Wow, after all it turned out that James had his own plan, and it was good.

Miranda was blushing and speechless.

“What? To hell with that dancing punch line, it doesn’t work for me. But just because you asked nicely, unlike the other fools around here,” she used her elbow to poke my stomach and she laughed, “we can try, but I don’t know how to dance hey.”

They went on stage as the DJ started playing the tunes. I was not nervous and I was myself, just relaxed, keeping it together. I held Keisha’s hands with my steady hands, and we looked at each other. Luther showed up a minute later, rushing, as if there was something chasing him.

“Luther, calm down and tells us what’s wrong.”

“I need to go home now. I had enough of this punch, please guys take me home. I just need to get home.”

He was drunk and now he wanted to go home, with us, by force. My God, just when I thought we had our special time. We put him on the bench and he lay there. We left him there because we knew nothing would happen to him.

As we were going back to the dancing floor, we saw Miranda and James with a crying Nicole. It seemed like they were looking for us too and it looked like I was not going to have my first dance tonight, because Nicole was looking for Keisha so they can go home.

“No. Wait Peter. I came here to enjoy myself and have my first dance. I want to enjoy it without any distractions. Come, let’s go outside and enjoy our night and dance there.”

We ran out quickly. We stood there laughing and we looked at each other.

“Would you like to dance with me?” I asked her.

It seemed like my proposal caught her off guard, but she smiled again quickly.

“Yes, why not?”

We pretended that we were on a stage. Keisha enjoyed herself so much, and I did too. She was laughing and admitted that this was a night she soon won’t forget. The night we won’t forget.


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