“Rose, I’ve been calling you while I was by the door,” a voice said.

I noticed it was Mary. I was getting annoyed with these three girls. I turned to see her face smiling at me.

“Teekay is gonna hurt you dear, dump him before he does,” she said.

I was puzzled and I just took a menu and looked at her straight. It’s time she should help me, I thought wondering if I should ask for her help.

“What should I do? Can you help?” I asked.

“I can show you his hanging place, meet me tonight after school. Teekay is attending a party with that chick,” she said holding my hand.

“It will be alright, I care about you Rose. Trust me,” she said.

I could see she meant it. She walked away and I texted Molly.

Mary is in the game. She will help us tonight.

Within a minute she had replied.

OK I trust her dear, let’s do this.

I was full of hope and energy. I was smiling and even making jokes with the customers. MacDonald came in when I was about to knock off.

“Hi Mac, what’s for today?” I smiled at him.

“Hey Rosie, just juice for me, I’m waiting for Mary,” he answered with a smile.

“One juice coming up, I’m about to knock off. I have lessons.” I said and went to order then left.

Macdonald was a cool guy. He was always friendly with everyone, humble and down to earth kind of guy. I went straight to NSIC College. I saw Molly but I was already running late, so I just waved at her.

I concentrated well in each lesson this time, trying hard not to think about him. After my two lessons I saw Molly waiting for me.

“Rose, where do we meet Mary?” she said smiling.

“We will meet at the bar TOMZ.” I answered and we walked.

As we were on our way, we saw a dark Mercedes Benz slowly coming on our way. I looked to see Mary and MacDonald inside.

“Are you ready girls?” she called out with a high voice.

“We need to change and leave our books at home,” Molly answered.

We got into the car and she took us home, to get changed and leave our books. I dressed in formal attire. Molly dressed in a silk dress. Mac then drove us to the party. MacDonald told me all about Teekay’s cheating and even showed me pictures. I was hurt. In my thoughts I finally came face to face with my own denial. It was true all along, he was cheating on me.

We arrived at the party and we went out of the Benz. I wanted to beat the hell out of Teekay. I wanted him to feel the pain I felt.

We walked through the busy crowd who were dancing. There was loud music and then I saw Teekay with the woman – kissing. When I walked towards them Teekay suddenly pushed the woman away.

“Sorry my love, it’s not what you think,” he said coming closer.

“Don’t bother explaining. It’s over. You’ve been cheating on me all along. I was the only one stupid enough not to
believe what everyone else has been trying to tell me.” I said with remorse. “I busted you, go to hell Teekay! Don’t call me ever again.” I left him with those words and walked off.

MacDonald, Mary and Molly all followed after me. We sat in the car and laughed at how puzzled he looked when I caught him. Mary praised me for the way I handled him; she put her arms around my waist.

I felt loved by the people who truly cared about me. The mean Mary turned out to be someone who cares. We saw a restaurant nearby and went in and ordered delicious food and laughed as if nothing had happened. I didn’t even feel hurt anymore. I had friendship which meant more than a foolish boyfriend.

Brittney and Jane were not like Mary, if they were then they would have been here. Mary and MacDonal made me feel part of them, they included Molly and I. I was relieved that everything had worked out well, the cheating boyfriend exposed and new found friendships. As the saying goes, whatever is hidden in the dark will be exposed in the light. And when one door closes, another one opens.

The End


Tell us what you think: Have you ever been cheated on? How did you find out?