She gave me a hug then we walked quickly into the school. She went to her lesson and I went mine. I couldn’t concentrate I was feeling devastated and quite humiliated. I felt as though gravity had pulled me down, way down.

My thoughts then went to the woman who he was cheating on me with. I will kill her. How dare she mess in my salad?
But she was not worth me ending up in jail. I thought he loved me. Oh, what a fool I had been.

When school ended I waited for Molly at the arcade, our normal spot.

“Have you been waiting long?” she asked.

“No it’s fine, let’s dash home and plan what we’ll do about Teekay.” I said with a heavy heart.

We walked as quickly as we could, for it was already late. Once we got to my place we went straight to my room and Molly sat on my bed.

“Taurai will help with this one,” she said.

“How? What if he is on Teekay’s side?” I asked panicking.

“Trust me, I will help you just calm down,” she said calming me by holding my hand.

I cried as she hugged me. She then went home. My thoughts ran wild with me while I was alone. I kept wondering if everyone is lying to me and their mission was to break us up. Could I trust Molly and Taurai?

I could not eat my dinner that Ella had prepared for me the night before. I left it in the microwave. I had a glass of milk and an apple instead. Ella wanted to play a motherly role in my life although she was younger than me.

We did matric the same year but she decided to work instead at a firm in town and I furthered my studies.

I could not sleep; I was frustrated to know the truth. But the next morning it is no different. I felt an ache inside, a numb emotion had enabled me to feel again. I don’t even know if it was true or not but already I felt bruised by the rumour alone.

I had nightmares of Teekay with another woman. I woke up screaming. Ella must have heard me as she was preparing to go to work. I heard the front door open.

“I am off to work sister, love you.”

“Love you too, sis.” I called out.

I met Britney and Jane by the wall on my way to work. They stared at me and looked as if they were talking about me. They laughed I could see that they were gossiping and making fun of me. I hated this; having a cheating boyfriend, but now we were the talk of the town.

I was getting nervous while trying to pass them.

“Girly how are you?” Britney asked curiously.

“I am good thanks, I’m running late, see you around.” I answered casually and walked away as fast as I could.

As soon as I turned by the corner I was relieved but I could hear them gossiping and giggling. It was like a sword piercing my heart. As soon as I entered the restaurant caught a glimpse of Mary sitting close to the window, eating her food.

I went to the back to change in the changing room. I wore a shirt and pants with an apron and marched to the eating area. I looked and saw that Mary wasn’t there anymore.

What was happening today first those rich girls now Mary. I needed a bit of peace.


Tell us what you think: Who do you think Teekay is cheating with? Do you think it’s true?