The teacher was teasing Sam that the cut was not that bad. They went to the office and at-tended to Sam’s wound. The wound was mysteriously glowing, but no one paid attention to it.

Back home Nyjah was sitting with his grandfather, watching TV and listening to his anec-dotes, when suddenly his phone vibrated. It was a text from Lisa.

Do u think Sam wll b ok?

“y shld I care? His stupidity got him in tht situation.

Hav a heart!

I do hav a heart, but not for arses lik him

Gudnight, Nyjah!

Nyjah texted Lisa about four times after that without any response until he texted:

I’m not mad at him bcuz I don’t hav a heart, I do. But wat he did take away wus wat I wanted to do since I laid my eyez on u

There was no response.

Nyjah went to sleep and left his phone charging in the living room. In bed he tossed and turned wishing he could turn back time and say something different to Lisa when she asked about Sam. He kept getting up to check his phone hoping there would be a text from Lisa, but there wasn’t.

The following morning he was preparing for school and Mdala was up as he also had some-where to go.

“Why did you leave the lights on last night, Mdala?” asked Nyjah.

“What were you doing up? And I didn’t leave the lights on,” replied Mdala.

“You must be getting old or should I say older?” said Nyjah as they shared a laugh.

“See you later Mdala, no lamb slaughtering this weekend?”

“NO!” shouted Mdala.

Nyjah met his friends in the street.

“Yo dudes, the strangest thing happened last night,” Nyjah told them as they walked to school.

“Don’t tell me you could see in the dark!” replied Asandile.

“That happened to you too!?” Nyjah said.

“No, this liar here says it happened to him,” said Asandile pointing at Sive.

The group of friends discussed it and concluded that the two were lying.

When they got to school Nyjah ran right up to Lisa shouting, “Nugget! Nugget!”

“Don’t call me that!” said Lisa.

“I’m sorry about that and about last night, Lisa,” Nyjah said.

“Why would you not care about him, even after you saw the pain he was in,” asked Lisa.

“I wanted to kiss you and he took that chance away from me,” replied Nyjah.

“It’s not like he killed me and you wouldn’t ever be able to do it,” added Lisa.

“Oh, so that means I can kiss you?” asked Nyjah with hope in his eyes and a smile on his face; his bright white teeth in perfect balance with his dark skin.

“I have to go, I’m late for class,” said Lisa with a smile.

“Meet me at the field at lunchtime?” Nyjah asked.

Lisa just turned and smiled, not saying a word.

“You’re love struck!” screamed Asandile as he put his arm on Nyjah’s shoulders.

“Stop that dude,” Nyjah snapped back.

“So you’re telling me you don’t like Lisa?” Asandile asked.

“Now get your arm off of me youngin’. I do like Lisa, but how can one not like her bro? She’s beautiful, smart and has a voice of an angel. She’s goofy, yet ambitious and has goals,” he said, looking in the direction Lisa disappeared to.

“Okay, Romeo lets go to class,” said Asandile, teasing his friend as they set off for class.


Tell us: Do you think the guys could really see in the dark or was it only their imagination?