At lunchtime Nyjah went to the fields hoping he would find Lisa there. He was pacing and throwing stones into the distance for over 10 minutes. Right as he was about to leave he heard a soft voice behind him.

“Giving up so soon, Nyjah?” he turned and it was Lisa. Without saying a word he rushed over to her, lifted her up and kissed her.

“Thank you for coming,” he said, his voice filled with excitement.

“Relax, Jack this is not Titanic,” said Lisa, which caused them both to laugh.

“At least I’m not a nugget,” he said teasingly.

“Nuggets are tasty so…” replied Lisa, patting her afro with confidence.

“After tasting your lips it’s a fitting nickname,” said Nyjah. As they were having their con-versation they heard a familiar voice.

“I knew I’d find you here.”

They turned and there he was, Sam, all healthy.

“What do you want Samkelo?” asked Lisa.

“I want you! You can’t seriously be with this loser?” replied Sam.

“I will beat you up and leave you crying again!” said Nyjah.

“You think you will beat me up? How about a rematch, Nyjah, such a stupid name.”

Nyjah ran to Sam at super-speed and after realising what had just happened he stopped and remembered Mdala’s folktale. He turned to Lisa and grabbed her hand.

“Come with me. We have to get out of here!” he said.

With a confused frown she followed. Seeing that he was headed for the gate, she yanked his arm so hard it flipped Nyjah and he fell to the ground.

“You’re from Dukezweni,” he said from the ground, with fear and worry in his voice.

“What is happening?” asked Lisa

“First it was you with your speed, now this, what is happening?” she asked with panic.

“My grandfather can explain way better than I can. Come with me.”

They went off to Nyjah’s house.

“Why are you here at this time? What are you doing with a girl in my house? What were you planning?” asked Mdala angrily.

“It’s not what you think, Mdala,” replied Nyjah.

“Then enlighten me young man, what is it?”

“Do you know that story about our people you always told me… It’s real!” said Nyjah.

“I know it’s real, my grandfather told it to me. I told it to your father, whom I hoped to have told it to you but he passed on before me, so I told it to you.”

“Not just the story Mdala, it’s happening right now. The curse has returned,” replied Nyjah.

“It can’t be, the curse was lifted,” said Mdala in a low voice, filled with fear and confusion.

Nyjah began to sprint to show Mdala his superhuman speed.

“Do you remember last night when I said you left your lights on, you didn’t, but I could see in the dark. It happened to Sive, too,” said Nyjah.

“My biggest worry is her,” he added, looking at Lisa with fear.

“Why?” asked Mdala and Lisa at the same time.

“She is from Dukezweni,” answered Nyjah.

“Yes you have been saying that, what does that mean? Why does it worry you?” Lisa said, her voice filled with the agony of not knowing.

“You might wanna sit down for this one,” said Nyjah, trying to comfort Lisa.

They all sat down and Mdala started telling the story…


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