Nyjah went to a local high school, Robert Sobukwe High. This was the only high school in the area and the children from Mbenenga and Dukezweni went to it. Nyjah was in matric and he was running for the president of the Learner Representative Council. His sole opponent was Samkelo, a boy from the village of Dukezweni who Nyjah had not gotten along with since the early days of high school. Recently their beef had escalated to new heights because they both had a crush on a girl from Dukezweni, who had just transferred to Robert Sobukwe. Sam felt she should have been with him because they were from the same village. But the girl, Lisa, was taken by Nyjah and they would spend lunchtimes together. But every time Nyjah was about to tell her how he really felt, Sam would pop up out of nowhere and disturb them.

The day of the announcement of the LRC President had come and all the students were in the school hall. Nyjah was seated next to Lisa.

“Are you nervous?” asked Lisa while looking at Nyjah.

“I am, but it seems like you’re more nervous.”

“No way, I’m actually rooting for you to lose so I can have a field day,” replied Lisa

“Well my Lady, don’t hold your breath, you will pass out.”

The Principal walked up to the podium and the noise in the hall started to subside, allowing him to start talking.

“You have spoken and you have elected your new president. We believe that you’ve voted for someone who will not only represent you well, but also uphold the code of conduct of this school. Without further ado, this years’ LRC President is Samkelo Funani.”

The hall went crazy with cheers and even some boos from those who supported Nyjah. Lisa was sad and looked at Nyjah with empathy.

“Look at you, you’re more hurt than I am. Is this what you meant by field day?” asked Nyjah with a chuckle.

“Don’t feel yourself, you still lost to that prick, LOSER!”

“I didn’t lose, I still have you,” said Nyjah as he gently touched Lisa’s cheek.

She blushed, but before she could say anything the principal shouted.

“Silence! Listen to your president make his speech.” Sam went to the podium and made his speech.

During lunchtime Nyjah and Lisa were together as usual.

“Enjoying your vetkoek there, Nugget?” asked Nyjah.

“Would you stop calling me that, I hate it!” protested Lisa.

“But Lisa, there’s absolutely no reason for a person to be this short,’ said Nyjah laughing.

“I’m not short, I’m vertically challenged and you’re a giant!” said Lisa looking the other way like she was a child.

Nyjah looked at her and saw how the sun hit her skin and made her glow; how lovely she was.

“Don’t worry about your vertical challenge, Nugget. I like you just the way you are, you’re perfect. You’re every man’s dream, my dream,” he said as he took her hand and pulled her closer to him.

She looked up at him with a child-like look in her eyes, her cheeks turning a slight pink. He leaned in closer for a kiss. As he was about to kiss her, Sam jumped out of nowhere and pulled Nyjah away from Lisa and the two began fighting. Tossing and turning on the ground, Sam was cut by a pointed stick and the pain was so sharp he screamed like a woman in la-bour. Teachers came running and investigated what was happening. In agonising pain, Sam pointed to the stick which pricked him. The teacher pulled the stick out of the dirt. One end was old but the other end – the end that pricked Sam – still looked new and it had traces of dried up blood on it which was a mystery.


Tell us: Who do you think the mystery blood belonged to?