“Hey, Eddie here?” I asked, trying hard to focus my eyes on her face and not her breasts.

“Come in, handsome Trevor,” she said.

I went inside and sat on the couch, thinking we were not alone.

“Drink?” she asked.

“Yes, beer,” I answered and watched her move to the kitchen. Everything about her was beautiful. I think I am falling for my friend’s chick, I thought to myself. It was all wrong, wasn’t it? I couldn’t control it, we could do it in secret.

“Eddie’s not around, he comes home late,” she said, giving me a beer.

I opened it and watched her sip her drink. She sat close to me. I could smell her fragrance and feel her body’s warmth.

“You know, you are beautiful. I am getting attracted to you. Eddies is lucky,” I said softly to her.

She turned her face and smiled, then she took my beer and put it on the table. Suddenly her lips were on me and her body was on top of mine. I kissed her back and one thing led to another till we were exhausted on the couch kissing, after having unprotected sex.

She started this, she wanted me, I thought.

“I adore you, I think I am also falling for you,” she said as I embraced her body.

I looked at the watch and thought Eddie would arrive anytime soon.

“Don’t worry, he is not coming back. He went to his mother’s, urgent matters,” she said and bit one of my ears.

I kissed her and we were back to having sex again.

She was sleeping on my chest when I realised it was midnight. What would Margaret think of me? I woke up and covered Sarah with a fleece. I dressed and took my keys from the table.

My heart was pounding from worry about what waited for me at home. I really loved being with Sarah, she was wife material, not the kind I had married. I kissed her but she was fast asleep.

I drove fast and arrived home quickly. Our bedroom light was on. I am in trouble, I thought. I am a good manipulator, I will lie and she will believe me, I decided.

“Where were you, Trevor?” Margret hissed as I opened the door.

“Geez, I forgot the time,” I answered and went straight to the bathroom.

I took a shower and got dressed in my pajamas. I walked to the bed and found Margaret removing her clothes and showing me her body. She wanted me tonight.

“No, I am tired,” I said and pushed her away. I slept on the right side. I sensed I had bruised her ego and she jumped in bed angrily. We slept with neither of us clinging to the other.

That night I dreamt of how my relationship with Margaret had started.

I met her at the engagement party of Grace, her best friend, with an old schoolmate of mine, William. I fell in love with her at first sight. William introduced me. I was attracted to her beauty and she had an intelligent personality.

We went out on a few dates. Margret and I got married first. Grace and William are still engaged but have a son.

Margaret was so sincere and she had passion for me. I cherished her love. She would come to my flat to cook for me and she always did the dishes. She was responsible and hardworking. She made sure I always had a clean shirt and clean clothes.

Things began to change in our second year of dating. I started not enjoying her company. I would lie and tell her I was in a meeting while I was with another woman. I did everything for her financially.

One day everything went wrong when she found out I was cheating.


Tell us: Do you think Margaret is to blame for marrying a man she knew was a cheat?