Ronnie wakes up to find himself lonely in the bedroom. He remembers the woman he spent the night with but there is no sign of her. Her fragrance and her presence has disappeared. He walks to Jabu’s bedroom but finds it empty. The apartment looks deserted but Jabu’s cell-phone is on the floor. Ronnie picks it up and sighs.

“Jabu, Jabu,” he shouts, thinking he is in the bathroom. Still there isn’t a reply. He sits on the couch, feeling the wetness and quickly jumps up.

“Were you drunk to spill beer on the couch?” he sighs.

He looks up but no sign of his friend. He quickly opens windows and cleans the place. Ronnie feels butterflies in his stomach, he feel that something bad has happened to Jabu; his friend would never disappear without notifying him. He prepares cheese and tomato sandwiches, sits on the couch and eats quietly and slowly.

After eating he switches on the television, a ringing tone plays then he checks his phone. A number he doesn’t know is calling. He wants to ignore it but him being worried about Jabu makes him answer it.

“Hello?” he says in a low voice.

“Come with the money if you want your friend to come back alive,” a hoarse voice says.

“Who is this?” he asks confused.

“Hey let him talk, this idiot thinks it’s a joke,” a voice says.

Ronnie listens carefully and hears Jabu groaning. He keeps the phone on his ears, he wants to hear what the sound are. Then her realise it’s Jabu but he is still confused.

“Jabu… Jabu?” he shouts.

“Bring the money or my life will be in your hands,” Jabu shouts loudly.

Hearing Jabu’s voice with fear, he sensed he is in danger. Jabu is in danger. The money… The money. Ronnie remembers the gangster in black clothes who left money in their shack. He knew they would come back for it and regrets using the money, if he had a chance he would take it to the police.

“What…Where are you? Jabu?” he shouts frightened.

Zweli grabs the phone and puts it in his ear.

“Bring the money to the abandoned mine. I will send you the address,” a voice speaks gently and cuts off the call.

Ronnie sits down confused, what should he do? He sits on the couch with his hands in his head. He grabs his phone to check the number that called but it’s a private number. After a long time, he decides to involve the police. Before he walks out of the door, he remembers something.

“Me and Jabu are also accomplices for the money. What will I say if those guys talk about the money? I have to set my record straight,” he speaks in a low voice.

He finally knows what to do.


Tell us: What do you think Ronnie will do? What would you do?