He strolls down the street to the police station. It’s crowded and he sits on the bench. He notices an officer walking to the door.

“Sir I need help, my friend has been…kidnapped,” he says and his phone rings.

The officer looks at him. Ronnie sees the private number calling him and shows the officer. The officer looks at it bewildered.

“It’s the kidnappers,” he whispers.

The officer looks at him as he answers his phone.


“I want you to bring the money at 4 p.m. today. I will send you a video if you think we are messing around,” the voice says.

He tries to talk but the call is dropped. A message alerts on his phone and a video of Jabu is sent. The officer and Ronnie look at the video. Jabu is tied on a chair, with 3 men in black with balaclavas holding pistols.

“I will help you, now come,” the officer says.

They walk to a room and Ronnie sits and they are joined by three other policemen. Ronnie tells them where he must drop the money but he never mentions anything about the money left in the shack. He also doesn’t mention that they wanted the money, he hoped it won’t get back to him.

The policeman makes plans on how to arrest the kidnappers and they instruct Ronnie to act confidently. He has to make sure they don’t notice he is working with the police. An hour is left before they go to the abandoned mine. Ronnie watches the police pulling rifles, wearing bulletproof vests and putting bullets into the cars. To Ronnie it looks like a movie, he feels butterflies happening in his stomach.

They drive to the abandoned mine but they stop a kilometre away.

“You walk with this bag,” the detective says handing him a bag. “Be confident and please don’t look back, they will suspect something,”

Ronnie takes the bag and walks. The police hide and follow him from a distance, holding their pistols. Ronnie lifts his head and shoulders up and looks straight on his way.

Zweli and his friends hold Jabu at an opening of a shaft. Ronnie sees them and looks back, checking if the police sees them but he remembers what the officer told him. He shivers, hoping he won’t mess the plan up.

“Throw the bag,” Zweli shouts.

Ronnie throws the bag and Sbusiso picks it up. He opens it and sees the money.

“Is it there?” Zweli asks looking at Sbusiso who responds with a nod.

A sound is heard and Jabu springs to the ground while firing starts to happen. Ronnie falls on the ground and starts to crawl to Jabu who has a tape on his mouth, his hands and legs are tied. He reaches him quickly and helps him get untied. Bullets spring in the air. Ronnie and Jabu hide behind the tree and sees Melusi arrested while Zweli runs away. Sbusiso is shot in his leg and lies on the floor.

After two minutes Zweli is arrested. When he passes Ronnie and Jabu, who are with the paramedics, he starts to fight with cuffs on his hands.

“You will pay for this, it’s not over,” he hisses.

The police take them away. Ronnie hugs Jabu for their victory. They go to the station to give Jabu’s statement. Ronnie buys takeaways for Jabu and they grab a taxi back to their apartment. Jabu has remained quiet for a long time.

“I hope you’re not traumatised,” Ronnie asks curiously.

“No, I am worried,” he answers.

“Why?” he asks confused. “Did you bring the money? I mean all of it?” he asks.

“That money is the police’s, ours is still here,” Ronnie smiles.

“You are so clever, I didn’t know you can think like me,” he laughs.

Jabu hit him on his shoulder and they laugh continuously. They still have money to pay their bills. If he had taken it, the police would take it as evidence. They still have a long way to spend R2 million.


Tell us: What do you think of the ending? What would you do with R2 million?