He stood at the sight of her with flowers in one hand and a box of Swiss chocolates in the other. They slowly walked towards each other both obviously nervous. The whole office was standing there gawking at them but they were un-aware lost in each other’s trance. He looked beautiful in a white cotton shirt. His top and second button undone, his grey suit with thin silver stripes was surely Italian. And his shiny black shoes. Leon was digging his nails into Khanyi’s arm; who was standing next to him literally drooling. Leon was gay and proud and if Lindy didn’t want this god, Leon wouldn’t mind taking him.

Someone cleared their throat and at the same time, Lindy and Will turned. The whole of TRACE MAGAZINE was standing there with their mouths open. Lindy motioned Will in the direction of her office. He walked over and opened the door for her. She walked to him and took the flowers and stepped inside. On the far end of the wall there was a cabinet with photos and some decorative art pieces and a vase. She put the flowers in the vase and walked out. Her staff was standing in a circle and she knew she was the centre of gossip. She walked straight to the kitchen and half-filled the vase and walked right back in her office. Will was still standing where she left him; she closed the door and offered him a sit.

They were stiff and awkward in the office. Lindy sat at her chair at the desk and William opposite her. He kept shifting uncomfortably as they got the formalities out of the way. She sat still and just looked at him across the desk and that made him more uncomfortable. He was nervous like she could read his mind. He was worried that Sasha had gotten to her first.

“Let’s have lunch,” he broke the awkward silence but she didn’t respond. After a few seconds of what felt like a lifetime she moved. She got up, picked her laptop bag and purse and headed for the door. He stood watching her move, she was graceful in all her strides and he could watch her all day. He loved this woman and now he was expected to just give her up and break her heart. He might as well just kill himself, he thought. She stood at the door and gave him a look which told him to jump for the door. He was obviously absent minded and she wondered why. He held the door and they went out ignoring the stares. They took separate cars to the restaurant.

They decided go to a restaurant at the beach front. They sat, ordered and talked. She talked about Grace and the business and how life was the past 5years without him. He talked about all the countries and continents he’d travelled and how life was being an embassy representative. They finished their meal and the one topic they dreaded talking about was just lingering in the air. The war up ahead with the two families was just a ticking time bomb. He told her about Sasha and the conspiracy that was brewing up against them.

“I don’t love her, you know that. And this time I’m not afraid of my father and I don’t care what he does to me. He will not keep us apart this time Lindy, I promise.” He was holding her hands across the table.

“He can destroy everything I worked hard for and I can’t have that. My work is all I have.”

“You have me now and Grace too. I’d like to think we’re all the reason for you to live.”

“You are; you both are. I’m just saying Will. It took me everything to build what I have and be where I am. And I have people on my payroll and they can’t afford to lose their jobs because of my personal issues.”

“But my love we can start over. Between us we have enough money to start afresh,” he was searching for words to convince her. He couldn’t let her go, not now, not ever.

They sat in silence for a while just staring at each other. They decided to tell Grace first then William would resign as embassy representative and move back to S.A to branch his business. It sounded great in theory but was it possible? The odds were just too great against them. Starting over meant giving everything away. Would the relationship survive the turmoil? They both said they would try and give their all.


Tell us what you think: Is William and Lindy’s love strong enough to see them through? How will Grace be affected by the news?