The week was dragging on and it felt like the world was on Lindy’s shoulders. Since the launch a lot of business was coming her way both for the magazine and for her clothing line. Her mind was split between work and her personal life. Who knew one week would be such hell. She missed the time she didn’t have a personal life. When everything was about work and there were never any complications. Now everything seemed complicated, how she hated that word. It’s complicated. That was how she would describe her relationship should people ask. The phone buzzed on her desk, it had an annoying ring to it that she’s been meaning to change for a while now.

“Lindy, Sasha Sinclair’s here to see you,” Angelique sounded excited. It’s not every day you get to meet top models and celebrities. She should get used to it by now; this business was all about the glam. Lindy rolled her eyes at the thought of a star struck Angie.

“Does she have an appointment?” She was annoyed but she kept her voice professional.

“Uhh… no she just popped in… I mean there’s nothing scheduled,” obviously Angie thought Sasha didn’t need an appointment. Her name was the master key to any door. She was definitely star struck. How unprofessional.

“Fine, you can show her in… in 10minutes,” then she hung up and left Angie feeling very awkward. It’s what I pay her for, she thought to herself. She had to collect her thoughts and deal with Sasha. She already knew what she wanted and she felt sorry for her.

“Lindy, how are you doing my darling?” Miss sunshine burst in the office before Angie could announce her.

“Sasha, good to see you; please sit,” she gestured to the chair opposite the table. She was determined to treat this as a business meeting. “How is your stay so far, are you enjoying the sights?”

“Very much thank you. We haven’t really spoken since the launch and it feels like a life time ago,” It was only a week ago. Sasha acted like they were best of buddies.

“Yes, things have been crazy as you can imagine. What can I do for you?” cut to the chase, Lindy thought.

“Well, as you may know I’m getting married soon and I would love for you to make my dress,” Sasha announced. She expected Lindy to be shocked but she was still. A glint of a smile swept across her lips like she expected this.

“When is the big day? And who is the lucky fellow?” she almost looked and sounded enthusiastic.

“William Fischer, I’m sure you know him. We moved it up so it’ll be in December, we’re thinking the 12th.” She watched Lindy carefully and felt like she was on top of a wild bull. But there was no shock on Lindy’s face, no trace of hostility, it was unreadable.

“Wow, that’s in a month’s time. I don’t know Sasha that’s way too close,” She got up and went to the mini fridge and took out some bottled water, “Sparkling or still?” she offered her guest.

“Still please. Now I know it’s short notice, but I don’t want anything glamorous. Just something simple and stylish. That’s why I came to you, and I want… I mean I would like your magazine to cover it,” now Lindy was sitting at the edge of the table very close to Sasha, watching her intently as she spoke. Sasha seemed a bit on edge.

“I don’t think I’m the right person for this, I’m sorry.”

“Oh my, I’m being insensitive. I’m sorry you must be finding it hard, considering your past with William.” She was smiling. She felt triumphant and she wanted to drive the nail deeper into Lindy’s heart. But why was she so in control, so calm. She’s freaken good.

“But it was a long time ago and obviously he’s moved on and you should do the same. Besides, your business could do with the sales.” She knew this had to have an impact.


Tell us what you think: Does Sasha have the upper hand? Why do you think Lindy is so calm about William marrying Sasha?