She lay on his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of his fingers through her hair. It’s been a long while since she felt this way about herself and a man. They talked about everything and nothing, what bliss! I could get used to this, she thought. But with her luck she may never have it this good forever. But right now she just wanted to enjoy the quality time. Then out of the blue Sasha stormed in the room and gunned straight for her throat. She didn’t even ask questions, she just held on tight and squeezed. William couldn’t pull her off and Lindy was running out of air.

She woke up with a start gasping for air and covered in sweat. She looked around and the room was dark, she glanced at the alarm clock and it read 03:52 A.M. She had a nightmare. She got up from the bed and made her way to the window and peeped through the blinds. It was dark outside and the lights of the city were a beautiful glow in the dark of dawn. She thought of the dream and how weird it was, what it could mean. Maybe it was just anxiety playing tricks on her; or her subconscious reminding her of the threat that lay ahead. She shivered at the thought and went to the kitchen for a warm glass of milk. It was too late to go back to bed and she was drenched in cold sweat. She decided to shower and get the day going.

It was too early to wake Grace up for crèche so she worked instead. She was so caught up in work that she didn’t see the time. It was already 7 A.M and she was half an hour behind her usual schedule and that was not good. She had a breakfast meeting with some advertisers that she couldn’t afford being late for. She rushed getting Grace ready and wished that Lu was there to help, but Lu hadn’t come home last night. That meant dinner with François had gone well. She was at the restaurant by 9 and it seemed that the day could be salvaged after all. The meeting went rather well and swiftly and she was at the office by 11.

The office was a large open space separated by some cubicle walls which were just for her office and the boardroom. She loved the open space for everyone, it was good for creativity and everyone was happy being in each other’s faces all day. The team was working on the next mag issue when Angelique interrupted. She never attended the creativity meetings. They turned to get a little too colourful at times and she didn’t do closed spaces very well.

“Excuse me Lindy, there’s a stud… I mean a gentleman up front to see you,” she was grinned at the door.

“We’re in a meeting Angelique, whatever he wants reschedule a time for him,” clearly the Dragon Lady was back. Paradise was short lived.

“I told him that and he said he’d wait,”

“Fine, then why are you here? Let him wait if that’s what he said he’ll do.”

“It’s been over an hour and I’m worried if he’s a potential client…”

“Tell him we’re in an urgent meeting and that we’ll contact him. Give Mr…” she was waving her hand in the air when the surname stopped her dead on.

“Fischer. Mr William Fischer.” Angie filled in and watched the colour drain from the Dragon’s face. Lindy glanced at her watch and quickly regained her composure.

“Steve, please go over this months’ theme again and uhhm… let’s have fresh ideas for our next meeting.” She was already out of the door and left everybody puzzled and very curious. They all jumped up and rushed for the door. They wanted to see this man who had this effect on their boss.


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