Mr Libala put me in front of everyone in the church and made me face them and began to share a story with audience.

Bazalwane, niyambona lomfana angithi? (Church members you see this boy?) Ja ne… He is going to be your saviour. He has the most amazing gift from God that has been bestowed upon him. He is going to prophesy and heal nations, so please give him applause.”

And Mr Libala said, “Mtanam, ukubona wena kudalwe ngunkulunkulu,”(My child, seeing you today is no coincidence but God-planned).

He said with a smile and said that if anything happened I must remember that God loves me and my family because not just any one gets such blessings. That gift was because of my mother but he also told me that surely I know nothing about that, or maybe a little.

Mr Libala said one word to the audience and the miracle began.

“Now everyone here expects this, but do not fear, I’m removing a powerful demon here called Bafomet. This demon is from here but of many countries.”

I saw the audience with their eyes wide open and staring at me to see what was going to happen next. Mr Libala just started praying.

“Fire, fire you demonic spirits! Get out now, fire, fire, fire! I won’t let you do this to this young boy. I won’t let you steal his gift from the Almighty God.”

In a minutes’ time I fell down and lost sight of everything.

I could hear everything that was happening to me but it all felt like a dream. I began to cry because I felt heat. Mr Libala never stopped, as if he could see something in me and didn’t want to give it a chance. Then I felt something very powerful overtake the real me. Because I had lost my voice but I began to hear a voice in me murmur.

“This boy is not to be released out of his vulnerability. He will not be free…”

“You are deceitful you devil! Who are you against God’s power? He’s stronger and powerful and take fire!” Mr Libala screamed out his power in which he threw at the demon.

In a roaring, horrible voice, the spirit back-chatted in resistance.

“Who is this God of yours? I am the powerful Bafomet of the underworld and I will continue to put anguish in him,” the demon said.

“Fire! In Jesus’ name I command you now to leave him and his family alone you deceitful creature.”

I could feel my body getting less heavy; the demon was losing the battle. I heard it roar, it was getting burned heavily by the extreme fire of God. Then Mr Libala asked questions: “Who sent you? Why do you want this little boy to die?!” He inquired.

“I was sent by the God of…”

“Talk! Talk! Mr Libala insisted.

“He must die, it was my assignment to kill him and for him to bear suffering.”

“Fire, go back where you come from and never return… Fire in Jesus’ name.” Mr Libala said one more time.

His black suit had been as if he was being squeezed and his face full of sweat as if he was washing it. I then began to feel lighter and free… This feeling was strange because I felt good in body but scared in my mind of what just happened. People had put their hands on top of their heads, they were dismayed.

Vuka Lubabalo. Manje sekuphelile,” (Wake up Lubabalo, it’s now over). But you will still experience dreams.” he said. “So do you know what your name means?” Mr Libala enquired.

Cha Mfundisi, no pastor.” I said

“Well my child, your name means, Grace.”

He laughed and said it one more time.

“You hear me? You are Grace, also meaning that you are peace, mercy and extraordinary God’s gift,” Mr Libala said.

He began to call me Grace, not Lubabalo anymore.

“Come, let me pray for you, Grace.” And then he began to say the prayer of salvation and submission to God; the prayer of being born again, the prayer of salvation

“God, I recognise that I have not lived my life for you until now. I have been trying to live for myself and that is wrong. I want you in my life, I need you in my life. I acknowledge the complete work of your son Jesus Christ in giving his life for me on the cross of Calvary. And I long to receive the forgiveness you have made freely available through sacrifice. Come into my life now, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be my king, my Lord and my saviour. From this day forward I will no longer be controlled by sin or the desire to please myself. But I will follow you all the days of my life. Those days are in your hands. I ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.”


Tell us: Do you think Grace will have an easy, normal life?