After years of studying I was then ready to face the world and enjoy my freedom. I started to attend night churches. It was fun because all my friends were attending even though they weren’t taking church seriously. I began to fall for the same trap of being naughty too. I had planned with my friends that when we go to church we were going to spot some very beautiful girls. I remember that I even asked a girl out in church. While the pastor was busy preaching, my friends and I stood at the back and carried out mockery and entertained the audience, the church members.

There was a very big noise in the back of the church caused by our group of boys, which created a disruption inside that tent. I took the girl outside the church tent to spice up our conversation. Of course she agreed. I knew that she would agree because I was very charming, just like my father was. My mother told me that I had the same distinctive features as my father. So I used my charm to get what I wanted from girls. I lusted over a girl more than I loved her, that’s the honest part of it. My teenage life was very joyful at those times.

Then one day at the same church there was a different pastor whom we did not know. He came to preach at our church and introduced himself as Mr Libala from Soweto. He was there to visit us and give a powerful word of God that we needed. Serious church members paid attention to him but not me or my friends, we just wanted girls. Where I lived most of the teenage girls who were the same age as us loved churches, so that’s why church became our spot for hunting.

But Mr Libala did not distress himself by chasing us out of church or scream at us on top of his voice, like other pastors did.

Yaz nina, ngiyanidabukela zingane zenkosi, yabona laba bafana abagcwele emuva bathunyelwa usathane ukuthi abazowisa nina,” (You know you, my children I feel sorry for you because you see those boys crowded at the back have been sent the evil one to create disruption and to weaken your praise as young girls), he said.

“And it’s not all that. I can see a very dark force there, I could hear a voice of someone crying, but he’s trapped.” He said.

Everyone was staring at us with terror and wonder, their eyes glued at each of my friends and me because I was there too. I began to hear some whispering voices next to us; the two elders were gossiping.

“You see these kids, I knew something was wrong. All they do is make noise all the time and try to amuse everyone.”

And the other gossiper continued to agree, shaking his head very slowly.

The pastor then prophesied.

“If anyone here is facing problems at home, please come to front,” he continued. “I see a child of God here people… He has turned astray and the evil one will not let him go because if he lets him go, he will become trouble for the evil world. The Lord has bestowed power to him, power that was also given to his parents, but not one has used that power just like his mother. If this person in this church does not come in front right now, he will not only lose that gift, it will be stolen from him and his family will incur death.”

It was so scary. That day’s preaching had been different from the previous ones. That pastor was different. I knew he was talking to me but fear was holding me back. Everyone began to gaze around to see who that person was with that gift and problems.

“If you do not come now…” the pastor went straight to the back and unexpectedly grabbed me.

I was afraid. I felt like the time of God’s judgment had come and I just felt heat. I was burning, not only of guilt and fear but the weather had changed. The tent was moving and I heard the lightening and thunder that roared like a lion, as if a big storm was building up. I began to sweat and all around I was wet like someone had spilled water on me.


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