Ntando kept quiet for a while then he finally said, “Baby my mom is old fashioned. She won’t understand our love the way you think she will. I have just started working and now I have a girlfriend. Why didn’t I have a girlfriend all this time when I did not have a job? You see she is just going to look at it that way.”

“But baby I am not after your money, I don’t even want a cent from you,” Mbali replied.

“I know baby, but my mom does not know that. What I’m saying is that it’s too soon. Let’s wait a bit longer, I’ll tell you when the time is right.” He was hoping that she would understand.

“I get you baby. You are so good at making me understand, so good at loving me, so good at making me love you more every day,” she gave him a peck on the cheek which took Ntando by surprise.

“And you are so good at making me blush,” Ntando said and they both laughed. They walked very slowly going to the taxi rank as if the town was theirs.

“You need to buy a car now baby,” Mbali said jokingly as they walked.

“I need a wife first.” Ntando stated.

“Whoever the girl is that will get a chance to be your wife, is very lucky. I wish I knew her,” Mbali said with a smile on her face.

“It’s because you don’t know her that is why you say she is lucky. If you did know her you would say I’m the lucky one.” Ntando said turning to give her a look of admiration. Mbali laughed, she had gotten the message loud and clear.

“Wow, what is her name?” she asked. She was enjoying this game of flattery.

“Mbali Radebe. She will soon be Mbali Mazibuko. She is really amazing, I’ve never known anybody like her,” Ntando said, feeling his heart race as he said this.

He had said it as a joke that Mbali will soon be Mbali Mazibuko. He had no idea how bad Mbali really wanted that. It’s what she wanted most. But she knew it will happen in time. Time went on and Ntando did not change; instead he got better every day. He was happy and always singing. He was romantic and kind. He did little gestures that took Mbali’s breath away when she least expected them. They were spending all their free time together and they couldn’t get enough of each other. Time flies when you’re in love. This was the case for Ntando and Mbali.

Ntando was home alone most times as his mother was working. She usually came home late so Ntando would spend those hours on the phone with his sweet heart. During their courtship, Ntando had not invited Mbali to his home, not even once. Mbali didn’t mind not being invited to Ntando’s. She saw this as proof that he was not after her body. He wanted to know her mind and heart and so she never complained.

On Ntando’s day off one week, Mbali decided to take time off too. She used her sick leave so that she could spend the day with Ntando. This was the day that she had chosen to visit him. He had finally invited her to his house a week ago and she was more than happy to accept. They were going to spend the whole day together. Mbali got to Ntando’s house at the time she usually arrived at work, early in the morning.

Ntando had picked her up at the bus stop near his house. They slowly walked to his house talking about how they slept last night with all the excitement of this day’s visit. When they arrived at the house Mbali could hear soft romantic music playing inside. It sounded like sweet melodies in her ears. When she stepped in to the tiled floor house, she saw the table at the centre of the room. There were roses on it and a beautiful breakfast was laid out. The house was clean and smelled fresh. Everything was romantic and perfect.

They sat at the table and had breakfast while they chatted. When they finished eating, Ntando asked Mbali to dance with him. They held each other closely as they moved very slowly. Mbali felt safe in Ntando’s arms. She laid her head on his chest and inhaled his fragrance. He smelled so good that she just buried herself deeper in his arms as they slow danced.

“I want to die in your arms,” Mbali said whispered under her breath. Everything was perfect. It was the best first date ever. Ntando didn’t was to the song to end, he didn’t want to let Mbali out of his arms. As he was enjoying the feeling they were sharing together, there was a knock at the door. Ntando’s Mom had gone to work but somehow Ntando couldn’t help but think it was her at the door. He started to panic.


Tell us what you think: Who is at the door? Why is Ntando suddenly panicking?