“Mom, I’m really sorry,” Ntando said. His mom did not say anything, tears in her eyes started falling. She just went away without saying any word.

“Mom, please wait; you don’t understand. That girl I was talking to is Mbali from church. The one you like; the one you always say I should hurry and marry because they are going to take her if I don’t. I decided to let her know how I feel so she can keep a space for me.” Ntando explained to his mom.

Ntando’s mom turned to him. “Why didn’t you just say so?” Ntando’s mom smiled and came back to Ntando. She was still crying but those tears had turned in to tears of joy. She gave him a hug.

“I am proud of you son,” she said as she squeezed.

Ntando himself did not understand what was happening. He believed that lying was wrong, he believed that no matter how difficult even if it means death, a person must not lie but he was lying. Love made him lie. This was what he hated most about lies. You have to tell other lies to cover the first lie again and again. Every time the truth comes out, and the truth always comes out, always. Now he was forced to live that life, a life of lies, because of love. This was hurting him deep inside. It was good pain of love.

He did call Mbali like he promised to. He realised that Mbali was now a reason for his breathing. Their love seemed so strong from the beginning, it seemed like no one can stop it. He just prayed that his mother does not find out about Mbali from his church, that the whole thing was a lie. Sometimes criminals do escape through God’s help because as bad as they are, God still loves them. Although Ntando had broken his religion’s vow, he knew that God still loved him.

A call that Ntando got from Rejesh telling him that he got the job and he will be starting next monday proved that. He did his interview on Friday and on Monday he had to start, indeed God is great. Ntando was an amazingly loving man. Mbali had never thought that a man like him existed. He showed her love in a way that Mbali got addicted to Ntando’s love. She could not live without it. The beginning of work with Mbali was great for Ntando. It was just what he needed.

He wanted to see Mbali every time and they both never got tired of each other. Things seemed perfect. After their love was a week old Mbali pushed things too far. This was after they were walking in town after work.

“Baby, I want to meet your family. I want you to introduce me to your mother,” she said.

“What?” asked Ntando with shock in his voice.

“I said I want to meet you family baby,” Mbali repeated.

Ntando kept quiet, Mbali went on, “Answer me Ntando, when can I come to your house?”


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