“Hi,” Mbali greeted with a huge smile on her face, Ntando smiled too.

“Hi,” Ntando looked shy.

“How have you been?” Mbali asked.

“Not good at all. The last time I was here you gave me the wrong number so I was stressed.” He wasn’t angry anymore, just happy to see her.

“No wonder you have not been calling. I’m so sorry, that number was new and I had just memorised it. I must have mistaken one digit, I’m sorry.” Mbali explained and Ntando kept quiet for a while, he just smiled.

“Give me your number; I’m going to call you if you don’t mind.” Mbali said. She took a piece of paper and wrote down the number as Ntando called it to her.

“0766908891,” Ntando said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Mbali said after writing the number down. Ntando looked around, no member was coming.

“Mbali I know this is going to be hard for you to believe but it’s true. I have never said this to any girl; I’m in love with you Mbali.” He was looking deep in her eyes.

Mbali could no longer look at Ntando in the eyes, her head pointed down. She started feeling really shy.

“We are going to talk over the phone Ntando,” Mbali said. Ntando smiled a little.

“Okay can you let me in now, Mrs Mazibuko.” Ntando joked and Mbali laughed.

“We are not even a couple but already you are giving me your surname.”

“Are you complaining?” Ntando was smiling from ear to ear.

“Let’s see, Mbali Mazibuko,” said Mbali as she thought for a second.

“It actually sounds perfect, no I’m not complaining Mr Mazibuko,” Mbali said.

“Sweet music to my ears,” Ntando said and they both laughed.

Mbali put Ntando’s details on the system and did let him in. What a good feeling Ntando had before his interview, he had so much confidence. He took his time and looked around inside the gym as he was early. When it was time for the interview, he went to it gladly. He was being interviewed by the club manager, Alice and Rejesh which made it easier for him. He just felt that his interview went well and that he will get the job.

At about 4 o’clock when Ntando was relaxing at home watching Trace, his cell phone rang. A number he did not know.

“Hello,” Ntando answered the phone.

“Hello, I hope this is not a bad time,” said the female voice on the phone.

“No, not at all, I’m glad you called me. That means you don’t make empty promises,” Ntando recognised the voice immediately. It was Mbali.

“You got that right Mr Mazibuko,” she said and laughed.

“Let’s talk about this, I need you Mbali, I need you very bad.”

“It’s okay Ntando we can date. I mean I love you too. I loved you the first time I laid my eyes on you. Just please, don’t play with my heart, my love for you is real.” Mbali let the words flow from her heart.

Ntando kept quiet for a minute just breathing, he could not believe his ears. Ntando questioned his hearing, was Mbali really saying what she had just said.

“I promise to love you from this moment and for as long as I live. I will not play with your heart, I give you my word. I have marriage love for you Mbali.” Ntando said after a while.

“I’m speechless, how did the interview go? I was gone by the time you were done.” Mbali asked, sounding relieved.

“It went very well. I had so much confidence thanks to you.”

“Ahh, what did I do?”

“Mbali, you make me feel so strong, like I can do anything. I feel like everything I do, I do it for you. I just thought of you during the interview and I nailed it.” Ntando was very excited.

“Ncahh baby I’m glad that I was a bit of help. I’ll call you later my love,” said Mbali, even happier than Ntando.

“No, I’ll call you later,” Ntando said.

“No I said I’ll call you later,” Mbali insisted.

“Yes but I’m saying no, I’m the one who is going to call you later,” now Ntando persisted.

“Are you always this stubborn baby?” Mbali asked.

“No, I’m just always this loving,” said Ntando smiling.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for your call, but if you take long I’m going to call you.” Said Mbali and laughed.

“Okay baby, love you!” Ntando said.

“Love you too,” Mbali said and hung up.

Two people loving each other, arguing about who will call who. It was love, Ntando thought to himself. He assumed he was alone in the house and he was busy smiling after Mbali’s call. When he turned to get up from the couch, he found his mother standing behind him. Ntando’s smile disappeared immediately. His mother’s eyes were full of tears and they were about to fall at any moment.


Tell us what you think: Will Ntando’s mother give Ntando his blessing or will he have to give up his first love?