The following day Ntando woke up and prepared to go. He was feeling lucky, that morning felt like his. His mother was excited about the fact that her son could be employed. Ntando had not told her the full story about the man who called. Ntando’s mom loved him more than anything; he was her only son, her only baby. Others passed away from birth. He was the only thing she had as her husband was no longer alive. She was very proud of him.

Ntando’s mom wished him luck as he was going to catch a taxi. The closer he got his destination, the more nervous he became. He knew that Virgin Active was on Victoria Street, the busiest street in Pietermaritzburg. When he got there he stood in front of the door and it opened automatically. He walked slowly towards the reception area. The beauty of the place took his breath away as his eyes wondered all over the place. It made him forget about his nerves for a moment as he took in all in.

He got to the reception counter and there stood this beautiful girl who smiled at him. It took him it didn’t occur to him that it was part of that girl’s job to smile. It seemed as if she was just smiling at him. He smiled at her back, his smile was also beautiful. God she made him feel welcome and he wasn’t nervous anymore.

It dawned on him that all the members walking in and out seemed happy; it must have been that girl.

“Good morning,” the girl greeted him with such a beautiful smile.

“Morning,” he replied with a smile also. Suddenly his shyness came over him.

“How are you?” the girl asked him.

“I’m good thanks and you?”

“Good too, how may I help you?” the smile on this girls face never faded. Her name was Mbali, it was written on her name badge. Indeed he saw a rose when he looked at her as that is the meaning of her name.

“I’m looking for Rejesh Naidoo,” Ntando said.

“Rejesh?” Mbali asked surprised. Ntando didn’t like what he was feeling. What if the call really was a hoax? He kept quiet for a moment trying to think if that was the name the caller had gave him.


Tell us what you think: Does Rejesh really exist or was Ntando a victim of a prank call?