“Rejesh Naidoo,” Ntando said again. Mbali stared at him for few seconds.

“Oh okay,” Mbali replied with a bigger smile. Ntando took a deep breath of relief. Rejesh Naidoo did exist and she knew him. Mbali picked up the intercom and paged him.

“Attention all Sales Consultants, could Rejesh Naidoo report to reception. Rejesh Naidoo to reception please, thank you,” then she replaced the intercom and went back to her work. After few minutes a guy walked to the reception desk.

“Ja Mbali darling, what’s up girl?” asked Rejesh.

“This guy wants you,” Mbali said.

“Wants me?” asked Rejesh as he came close to Ntando, way too close.

“What can I do for you handsome?” Rejesh asked.

“My name is Ntando. I’m looking for a job. I came here to drop my C.V. Someone said I should speak to you,” said Ntando feeling nervous all over again.

“Oh right, I’m the sales manager dear and we do need someone. Lemmar resigned. Give me your C.V and I will pray that you get the job. I like you; the club manager must like you as well when you come for your interview. Who told you about this?” Rejesh was clearly taken by Ntando’s looks.

“It’s complicated,” Ntando said.

“Okay never mind that, I will call you okay?” Rejesh made it sound as if the call will be for pleasure and not business.

“What?” Ntando asked, picking up the vibes Rejesh was sending him.

“I mean I will call you and let you know when your interview is going to be. Now give me your C.V.” Rejesh said when he saw the shock on Ntando’s face. Ntando took his C.V from his bag and gave it to Rejesh. Rejesh seemed so excited. It was clear that Rejesh was gay. It must’ve been the reason why Mbali was acting strange earlier. She thought Ntando was there to see Rejesh for pleasure, that Ntando was gay too. Ntando thought to himself as Rejesh walked away.

Normally he wouldn’t care what people thought. Some girls have already made the assumption that he was gay. It didn’t bother him at all, except that very moment. Suddenly he was overcome with worry. He needed Mbali to know that he wasn’t gay. It shouldn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, he debated to himself as he walked away from her desk towards the door.

So he went back to the counter. He smiled at her and she smiled back. “I can’t get enough of that smile,” Ntando said without even thinking.

“Really? I can’t get enough of yours too,” Mbali said smiling even brighter.

“I think what I need is your number,” Ntando was not nervous at all. Mbali wrote it on a small piece of paper. Ntando did not say another word he just took the piece of paper, smiled and walked out. When he was in a taxi home he called the number.

“Hello,” a man’s voice answere. Ntando kept quiet a man continued. “Hello! Anyone there?”

“Yes sir, can I speak to Mbali?”

“Wrong number I don’t know anyone by that name,” the man said and he hung up.


Tell us what you think: Why did Mbali give Ntando the wrong number after flirting with him?