“Ntando what is wrong, who is that?” Mbali asked with surprise.

“My mother, wait here I’ll just go and check.” Ntando went to the door. He turned the key with a shaking hand.

“Ntando please go get my file, it’s on top of my bed I forgot it and it is very important. I’m not even getting in I’ll wait here!” Ntando’s mother said from the door outside.

Thank you Lord, Ntando gave a sigh of relief when his mother said this. He quickly went to take the file went to give it to his mom. He opened the door just a little bit, enough to stick his hand out and hand her the file.

“That was my mom she forgot her file,” Ntando explained when he got back to Mbali.He was smiling knowing that he got away with it for that day. He took a seat next to Mbali and they both stared at each other. He moved closer to her they kissed. The kiss lasted for a long while. They both stood up, still kissing, they moved towards Ntando’s bedroom. The pace and rhythm the kiss became faster as they both felt out of control.

Mbali pushed Ntando and he fell on the bed. Mbali got on top of him and kissed him, Ntando returned the kiss passionately. Mbali started pulling the t-shirt up over Ntando’s head, undressing him.

“Baby, no. Stop,” Ntando said holding Mbali’s hands.

“Why?” Mbali asked as she leaned down to kiss him.

“Not today, not like this,” Ntando said. Mbali kept quiet and stared at Ntando with her eyes full of tears.

“Please don’t cry, why are you crying?” Ntando asked when the tears were falling down Mbali’s face.

“I’m embarrassed,” she said between sobs.

“Why? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I want you, I really do. But this is not the right way for our first time.” Ntando said as he consoled her.

“You know the reason why I was single is because every guy I dated left me. They dumped me because I was not ready for sex yet. With you I’m ready, well I think I am but you give me something better. You are showing me that your love is not about sex. You stop yourself when you want me the most. I could tell from the way you were breathing. I love you so much Ntando, so much.”

Ntando didn’t think he could love Mbali more, but at that very moment he did. After that day, all their days were beautiful. They talked about marriage and having children. They wanted to build a loving family together. They talked about everything, but the one thing they never talked about was their religions. Ntando followed the Nazareth religion and all its teachings and laws. Mbali was a Christian.

One day as they were walking form work Ntando brought up the subject. They had been dating for a little over a year now and they both were ready for the next step. Ntando had saved up in that year to pay for Mbali’s lobol. This was it; there was just one more obstacle.

“I’m ready to marry you, but I need you to follow a Nazareth religion. I know you are Christian but I need you to join Shembe, my church, if we are going to be husband and wife.” Ntando broke the news and waited for the worst.

“What? But you follow such strict rules. I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”Mbali said as pain started to feel her heart. “I love you but I cannot take this. It’s over, it’s over.” Mbali was now crying. She did not even wait for Ntando to plead his case.


Tell us what you think: Will this be the end of their relationship?