The party was almost over when Thabi walked in furiously and pulled Mpho aside.

“Mpho what the hell is going on?” Thabi said.

“What are you talking about?” Mpho replied.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, what’s going on between you and that ‘thing’?” called Thabiso
“Oh! So you talked to Mbali, I see!” Mpho replied.

“Yeah, I talked to her and she told me what you and Thabiso did. How can you do this her? What kind of a person are you? We are friends and friends don’t do that to each other!” Thabi said furiously.

“STOP it! Thabiso and Mbali are not dating. It’s not my fault that she was playing hard to get… If she wanted him she could’ve said so and they would have been dating by now. So don’t blame me for what she did not do!” Mpho said.

“Shoo! You are truly unbelievable. Who needs enemies with friends like you?” Thabi said.

“Hey… why are you guys screaming at each other? What’s going on?” Lucia said, walking in on the conversation.

“Are you going to tell or should I?” Thabi said.

“NO! I don’t need your help. In fact, I think you should also call Patty so that the whole world can know that I’m not a good friend!” Mpho cried.

“OK, people, can anyone please explain to me what is happening here?” Lucia asked.
“Thabiso and I have been seen each other…” Mpho replied.

“What! But I thought that Mbali and Thabiso were like…” Lucia said.

“Like what? Go on you can also accuse me of being a terrible friend. You know that it’s not like we did it to hurt her. She is also my friend and I do care about her feelings, believe it or not I’m also human,’ Mpho replied.

“Yho! I’m not going to accuse you of anything, but you knew that she liked him, the least you could have done is to warn her,” Lucia said.

“Do you really call yourself a friend? The poor girl is in her room crying because of your friendship,” Thabi said.
“Well, I’m sorry for that but I can’t change what happened,” Mpho replied.

“I think we should all talk about this with Mbali here. And, no one is judging you Mpho. We just don’t understand how could you let this happen and by the way where is Thabiso?. He is the one who has same explaining to do,” Lucia said.

As the girls were still busy talking Thabiso made his way to Mbali’s room. There was a knock on the door and Mbali went to open it.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out the partying with your girlfriend?” Mbali asked.

“She is not my girlfriend and the party is almost over so I decided to come check up on you. Are you ok?” Thabiso asked.

“What? Am I ok? Are you really asking me that?” Mbali said.

“Yeah, I’m sorry you had to see that, but I really care about you, and I think you should give me a chance to explain myself,” Thabiso replied.

“I really don’t care what you have to say. Please just leave.“ Mbali said.

“I’m not going anywhere until you hear what I have to say, so just sit back and let me do the talking. First I’m not here to defend myself, whatever is happening between me and Mpho was not meant to hurt you in any way. She and I are just friends and I don’t want what you saw between Mpho and I to affect our relationship because I still want you,” Thabiso said.

“You are really full of nonsense, you’ve been sleeping with my friend. And, after that you still expect me to date you, you really think big of yourself, Neh! “Mbali replied.

“I’m serious: me and you can be really good if you just give us a chance. Let’s just leave other people out. This is between you and me,” Thabiso said.

“Thabiso, please, do me favour and leave my room because I have nothing to say to you. You are just wasting your time,” Mbali said.

“At least say you will think about it. Please, Mbali, just give us a chance and see how things work out,” Thabiso said.

“Get out, please!” Mbali demanded.

Thabiso left the room. It was all up to Mbali now: she had the choice to pursue a relationship with Thabiso or she could just forget about him and end her friendship with Mpho. But, in a way this was not going to be fair to her other friends because they would know have to choose between her and Mpho…

The next day Thabi decided to gather the girls in her room to try sort out what had just happened.

“Girls, can we please not pass any judgment. We all make mistakes. Whatever the outcome of this gathering we just have to remember that we are all friends and we should be able to stick together and trust each other. We are family,” Thabi said.

“Really, Thabi! You expect us to just sit here and act as if none of us think that Mpho is such a total SHE dog! What kind of person are you Mpho? Should we also be worried about our relationships too?” Lucia asked.

“Lucia please don’t make this about yourself, for the sake of our friendship just keep your opinions to yourself for today. This is between Mbali and Mpho,” Thabi said.

“OK girls calm down. If you guys want me apologise to Mbali, I’l do it. Mbali, I’m sorry for hurting you but not for sleeping with Thabiso. I know you like him but really – let’s be honest – I did you a favour. You can see now what kind of person he is – and he isn’t even your type!” Mpho said.

“And, who are you to know if he is his type or not?” Lucia asked.

“You are all arguing but you’re not giving Mbali a chance to speak for herself. Say something, girl,” Patty said.
“There isn’t really much to say. Mpho is right. Thabiso and I were not dating so whatever he chooses to do with other girls should not be my concern. And, I’m not angry with you, Mpho. But I feel like you should at least have warned me.

Now you’ve made me feel like a total fool. And, maybe you’re right when you say he’s not my type. So, if you want to continue your relationship with him, I will not stand in your way,” Mbali said.

“Please tell me that you’re joking! You’re going to forgive her just like that? Are you serious?” Lucia demanded.
“What do you want me to do Lucia? I cannot scream and shout at her like you just did and I definitely don’t want to label her with the words you used. She knows why she did what she did and if that’s the kind of person she is then who am I to change her or question her behaviour?” Mbali said.

“I hear you, girl, but about the tension that going to be between you two…” Thabi asked.
“What tension? I’m cool with her if she is with me,” Mbali said.

“I’m good,” Mpho replied.

“Yho! So much drama for that ‘thing’ you claim to have feelings for! And, Mpho, my love don’t even think that you and him are going to be happily ‘in love’. He is my home boy and I know him very well, you are going to get hurt. That’s all I can say,” Patty said.

“Patty, just tell us what you know about him to avoid this from happening again. Hai!.. Enough with secrets!” Thabi said.

“All I know is that Thabiso is in stable relationship with his baby’s Mama back home!” Patty said.


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